Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Twitter Followers Follow For Follow Campaign

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Call Bullsh**!

Seem like everyone has an opinion when it comes to putting other people in their place,telling someone else how they should be living,what they should or shouldn't be doing and pointing out another persons flaws. Now I'm here to say when these individuals come off in this manner it's nothing but bs..and it's time more people start to call them on it. Just because you're better at hiding your skeletons/transgressions better than others does not constitute the right to bring that judge mental shit to me. If you feel me audience please comment,follow,subscribe etc. Thanks for reading 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The qualities We Possess,Where Do You Fit In?

Why is it so hard to let go,forgive,move on/forward,promote positivity,remain positive in adverse situations,posses honesty,remain faithful,have faith,loyalty,compassion,understanding towards less fortunate,differences,the willingness to be opened  what we don't know or understand. We are ALL one nation under God ,indivisible,with liberty and justice for all right..

Making It Count

We all have a specific journey paved..from the time that were born till that time that we are laid to rest.Yes we're living to die,but it's the process in which we reach our lives end which makes it significant or worthless. We ultimately have the power to decide within our jurisdiction,despite the many obstacles that we encounter.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Do The Math

Unity equals strength and strength equals impact and impact equals a voice for that's math!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Something Helpful (accessing Facebook full site)

Ok so I've never added Facebooks messenger service and don't intend to. But there are features which can only be accessed by using the full Facebook desktop website including accessing your messages,so I just access the full version on my iPhone by connecting thru the link posted below. That way I can access all of the Facebook features along with checking my messages as well. Hope this was helpful and please be sure to check out other posts,comment,like,share,subscribe,and Google+1 me for chances at random giveaways. Follow this link to access Facebook full desktop site Thanks for reading

Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Understand Is All Im Saying

This is so much bigger than what we see,you & me,the possibilities are endless the world is your oyster can't be afraid to Everything won't always make sense to everyone,please everyone,take risks.. without challenge we're just status quo,& if you don't try how will you know if you'll succeed? I don't know about you,but I hate that feeling! So.. Put your best foot forward and give life all you've got to hell what they think!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Everyone has an opinion

Please don't try to push your idea of what I'm supposed to act like,look like,talk like and how my supposed to handle things in my life because of your perception or stipulation of the words right and wrong.. Your views on how things should be are not the same as mine which makes me different not wrong

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alone On Thanksgiving (a short story)

He turns over in his big bed to the annoying sound of his iPhone alarm going off thinking in his mind, why did I set this damn thing?!?! Sighs as he listens to National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family Reunion movie playing on the tv trying to figure out what he had to be thankful for. Up and adam,take a look in the mirror rub his head then off to the bathroom to shit,shower,shave. Hop out the shower,now wrapped in nothing but his towel he heads to the kitchen to fix himself a drink,took a few swallows then fire up a cigarette contemplating what he would be doing this thanksgiving day. A few missed calls,a few Facebook messages wishing his a happy holiday and several invitations for dinner,but that never bothered him before,he's always been kinda a loner so why should this day be any different?besides,how'd it look me just showing up out of the blue when I'm never around otherwise?. Taking a look in the refrigerator damn..didn't do any shopping! hmmm,guess I'd better get dressed and go pick up something. Sadly most if not pretty much all restaurants are closed today,well at least the ones that he desired anyway.Not being very much of a cook it would be kinda hard to prepare a descent meal on such short notice.About an hour had now passed,several grocery stores and mini marts later he managed to russell up a few items. Home sweet home,nothing important going,no company,well maybe later;).. he jumped back into his sleep ware to get comfy warmed up his frozen turkey dinner took a place in front of the tv with his drink took a sip and said to himself Happy Thanksgiving to me. The moral of this well there is no moral,we place rules on everything and everybody. I say if you're a big family person keep right on there's nothing wrong with that,but if you're not then that's your choice,but never be afraid to change that if that is what your heart desires people especially family while they do have the tendency to disappoint can in some instances surprise you as well. A Happy Thanksgiving to all

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Relationships,casual encounters,going the distance

I know that I've said all encounters are relationships there is an exception,one contact.. but unless there is only one contact with said person and that's it period,but now I just want to touch on the whole stick together and let's make this work thing.. Every relationship has a timeline,deadline,expiration date..whether 1day,1month,1year,10years etc. peep the signs on it,play the part accordingly.So that's just dummy talk! if something isn't going to work it just isn't.. and signs of that are present as early as a day,week,month just don't be a fool and waste precious time on someone who clearly isn't healthy or dragging you down. Compromising values or personal health isn't a relationship you want to get caught in,invest your time in nor worth the effort. Feel free to comment

Some Realness

If you not doing good how can you help someone else do good? how can you care for someone if you can't and don't care for yourself? If you have nothing can you share that with someone else? I love comments and input so people let me know what you think

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Three Rs

Recognize,Realize,React. First you recognize there is a situation,next you realize a method in which you'll approach that situation which leads to a well thought out reaction 

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Masturbation Poll?

Do you think that masturbation in a relationship or marriage is normal?

Dating & Relationships 101

Dating and Relationships are complicated enough without all extras. I get exhausted sometimes just saying the words.Taking to online has really taken a piss on the matter as well. I have learned from my experience in the dating world that there are very much detrimental dos and dont's. Now this male and female psychological thing isn't very complex,but we tend to complicate shit by throwing ego and emotional self worthiness into the equation which tends to lead to the argumentative point in a relationship. While I'm speaking on the word relationship I want to just say that a lot of people tend to get mixed up or selective on what they'd consider a relationship and base on feelings and mind state when dealing with each encounter individually,but in fact no matter how insignificant,brief,emotionless
a relationship is and I quote "the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected." now back to what I was saying. Once we get to the argumentative state it's time to decide whether or not it's worth the stress of making or proving a point,prolonged bickering,longterm unresolved attitude issues and an overall stain on your relationship? One of the number one destroyers of a relationship is egotistical issues,one wanting to always be right and never compromise,you can't always be the one talking,because I'm pretty sure if you are then you can't possibly be listening. Communicate your concerns,no matter how you think the other may take it,don't take to the streets for guidance because you'll receive a lot of misleading information which can only further damage a relationship. Remain intimate with your partner at all cost! I STRESS NOT JUST SEX! I know it seems hard,but without an ego it gets a lot easier. Effort is the key to an effective healthy relationship, I can't recall how many times I've purposely shut down,shut out,let ego control my actions but the outcome was always the same,nonproductive bs. I tell you this,you must want it or it won't work. P.S. Watch out for mental instability signs because in some cases there's just nothing you can do.;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Understanding Your Strength

Division,separation,ignorance.. The only way to break this cycle of turmoil is unity in numbers,and understanding.. the each one teach one method. We were ALL given this world but we did not create it! Know the power of unity & use it!

2016 Presidential Election footage

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


We tend to grasp onto to suitable knowledge which only supports us and validates our feelings,knowledge contains truth which means sometimes it will hurt to hear and all lessons won't be easily learned

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's Hard..(A Male Relationship Perspective)

THIS IS NOT A FEMALE BASHING POST!!! It can be very hard building new relationships as you get older would you agree?. When you're younger everything is so carefree,but as time progresses & that female has put herself out there for so long,been in countless dead end relationships or situations which has left her now damaged or psychologically unprepared to adapt to new circumstances without bitterness,a self conscious and uncompromising attitude.Some of which I've talked about before in previous posts choices do count, in short,the life that you want for yourself is the type of life you should lead. A man does NOT want to feel like he has to fix years of issues which you've had in your past,relive your past nor be compared to any of your past relations/situations. I as a man believe that every relationship should start from the beginning and build forward positively, not backwards..and a big part of that is looking towards your future instead of dwelling in your past. Not one person is perfect,but we all possess the ability to be the best person that we can be if we want to,key being if we want to. I

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Poll? Relationship Comfort Zone

How long do you feel is an adequate time to start "relaxing" in your relationship? How far? Also feel free to share a story with my viewers as well☺️

Dieting & The Stress Attached

Today I want to speak on the pain of loosing weight. Eating healthy should be a way of life and not just a way to loose weight. Starving yourself to me is not what a diet means,to me it's a change in portion and also the type of foods that I'm consuming. I mean I've lost 55 pounds and let me tell you this;it has been an interesting journey I'll say that.. watching everyone around you eat as they see fit,passing by those old eat spots and resisting the temptation to stop in and have that burger,pizza or ice cream etc. not to mention all those damn mouth watering commercials playing constantly on tv as well. You most definitely have to have the determination and drive to achieve it or believe me you will slip back! And with all that said,the end result is very worth it the appearance,being able to find those clothes that were always either too big or all picked over on the rack feels good..not to mention the great health benefits as well. I know that it's hard,but if it's what you want give it your all because nothing worth it in life is ever really easy is it?Dont forget to drink plenty of water,eating a bunch of fat free and low calorie items doesn't necessarily mean healthy contribution to your weight loss goals,leave the processed & sugar filled items on the shelf and most of all remain diligent in your efforts and you will succeed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Secrets That We Keep

I want to play a game..Lies are toxic,childish,and we all know the old saying"the worst lies are the ones that we tell ourselves"right? That said,this game is about the secrets that we keep. How many of us are fearless enough to take one of those dirty lies that we've been keeping & reveal it to that one person that it would presumably hurt to know or destroy the perception that others have of us? I mean,if it's all based on lies anyway what is a perception anyways?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Wake Up Call

How could you walk around quoting how "I don't care what people think about me"only God can judge me"NEWS FLASH.. If you give people things to judge they will!!! If you doing unsavory despicable acts and carrying yourself in an inappropriate respectless undignified way then  how are people supposed to view you?Its time to humble it up!start to show some restraint!start to have some conviction attached to our actions! P.S. "Only God Can Judge Me" should be a statement used only by someone who actually believes in him..not thrown around to justify your wrong doings Share with anyone if it's amen to this ghetto gospel ⛪️

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clarity Not Easily Achieved

I just want to tell any and everyone that I can that may be going thru situations in their life,pain,hurt,sorrow or anything that you may be facing. I have to tell myself constantly that God will not put anymore on us than we can handle. We can't  and will not understand everything,but there is peace that passes understanding,life can be difficult at times and it can seem pointless to go on. You have to find that fight within yourself,your light,everything has reason,clarity isn't instant,but faith is. What's the definition of faith?. Not all things pass,but it's the life that you lead while waiting that's key.


How can I change if I'm doing the same ole thang,running with the same ole people,doing the same things they do,change is a process yes,but at some time that process has to move forward,not back,no turning back man!,because there my soul was lacking,same ole people,same ole places,same negative ass vibes,same ole faces.I refuse to let he or she define me,inter twine me,hold me,mold me in their image,no way can I claim perfect,no way am I without blemish,but no longer will I walk that same ole walk,it's pointless to talk, if your steps don't reflect that so called"change.  AntwanFallenAngelFlowers-

Friday, August 5, 2016

Not Just Making Babies

Ever here the statement "It was a mistake ever getting involved with him or her? & while it's sad that some people don't understand that having kids is a serious matter & just see that selfish "I want to have a baby"bs.. things like the inability to cope,resolve issues,reintroducing that child to a new way of life if a situation or relationship doesn't work out never occurs to many when having sex,making babies. Some are just not stable enough to make those choices correctly.A lot tend to get caught up in that five seconds of glamour and not rationalize the scenerio futuristically. What if this doesn't work out?,what if my feelings change?,what if the person I'm with changes?, what if the person I'm with doesn't want the same things that I do?what kind of situation am I bringing a child into?is what I'm doing going to effect my child in any way?am I able to give my child the necessary things that he or she needs to to make it through successfully into adulthood? Relationship wise,the art of compromise and working through issues has been lost,because we're lost.Its so easy to say the words this is not working to I'll just do something different which is fine from a self motivated stand point,no one wants to be unhappy,unhealthy,and this isn't the way God intended us to be nor wants for us either. When we make our decisions they are usually from a what we need standpoint,but from a child's standpoint how do they feel?a relationship,partnership etc. cannot be forced,but neither can the outcome of a separation from situations.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Self Awareness Check

I sometimes wonder to myself if that person talking to me even thought about the the words spoken before saying them. It's not hard to spot lies because they reveal themselves. So I wanted to do a self awareness routine. Try thinking about your words before they flow from your tongue,if possible have conversations with yourself before speaking your mind/thoughts to others because if it's not acceptable to you then chances are it will be the same for the person or people you're saying it to. I mean if you can't be truthful with yourself then who can you be truthful with?


When you find yourself in turmoil or that difficult time in your life try the method of pushing past your limits,we seem to think  that same ole thought pattern that "oh man I can't take anymore","this is hopeless","I can't go on",but you know the saying that "God will not put anything on you that you can't handle",not saying that I don't struggle with the same issues in my life,but I'm working on a better me everyday.Sometimes a life altering situation is just what we need to wake up,light that fire,put us right where we need to be to receive our blessings!, So in times of pain think perseverance because we are stronger than we think it's just believing it where the issue lies. With believing comes clarity,with clarity comes self awareness,and with self awareness comes success within yourself.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sexual Relations

Women tend to throw the blame at men stating that they are dogs,nasty,users,etc.but some honesty for your ass is that there isn't a thing that a man can do if you shut our bs down. You hold the power to control the situation.Stop putting yourself out there,having sex with guys for their looks,possessions,status,and start looking for the qualities that you yourself possess and require in your future husband and watch how things change.

You Say That You Want Honesty

Truth is honesty!..just because someone tells you something that you don't want to hear or like doesn't mean it's not honest. Honest doesn't have a character,both good and bad posses it. (Note)A lie is a lie no matter how it's justified. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Can You Live With That?

Things are never going to be or go as expected. I'm saying that we can manipulate,scheme, or any of the many other tricks we use to control the outcome of whatever that situation may be. So many times I see people use that good ole act/ attitude of "well..he or she did this,so I'm going to get back by doing this!" I can guarantee that most posses this mentality. I ask God constantly these days to lighten my heart, I have a lot growth to achieve and fighting a multitude of demons on a constant bases,because negative people make you do some of the craziest things,misguided information, seeking wisdom from someone just as lost as you never leads to any positive outcome,it kind of just cures your thirsting for validation. I find myself turning to unproductive things and people that I know are not going to fix me,but drag me back same old mental state of mind. You have to be careful how you handle your feelings because they are a serious matter,and quick judgement can lead to making bad decisions and choices. We always seem to go with our minds in turmoil,which then leads to hasty actions. I will say this,be careful..careful of the people that you let come into your life,careful of the way that you live your life,because all of our choices do matter and  in that we must be prepared to deal with those choices as well,everything we do has a consequence whether good or bad and it's how we handle these situations which will show our character. You'll never be able to control another persons actions,another persons life only defer them from the inevitable. It really isn't how people perceive you,but how you perceive yourself,but is it all about yourself? I say view your issues thoroughly,because there are usually factors that we overlook selfishly,can you live with those?,if so,then you're good.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Love Is...

ALove is a two way street,because if it goes one way you'll always end up at a dead end.P.S. "You'll never see a persons true side or colors
until they are not with you" what I'm saying is break up,get divorced sit back and watch what don't get me wrong,it's not the same for everyone because some people are real from the start till the end but that's not the deal in most cases 

If I Ever Run Out Of Things To Say I've Stopped Thinking

Like I said,if I run out of things to say I've stopped thinking. The world is a Big & beautiful place,full of exciting and interesting as well as wonderful people,places,things you just have to want to get up off your ass and see and do them. It's one thing to talk talk talk,but a total waste of time if no action is involved. I've always found myself wondering,wondering about this wondering about that and never wanted to get caught up in the I wish this, I wish that, I could have been this I could have been that, I want this, I want that, but that's all just a bunch of talk which never has any substance. The saying that the mind is a terrible thing to waste is totally true. The mind has a way making us make some of the most insane choices,think some of the most outrageous things,and do some of the craziest stuff. It's not enough to think it,not enough to just want things,not enough to make empty promises to yourself,actions..when you think it act on it,talking bigger than your intentions never leads to results,thinking realistically, times is a drastic thing,so we must be drastic,not drastically stupid,but in taking our thoughts,feelings,words seriously and with conviction. Like I said before,if I run out of things to say I'm probably not thinking,but me,I'm probably listening

Sunday, June 19, 2016

How To Love

If you love me you love me.. Your love shouldn't come with an instruction manual,how to,conditions nor ultimatum list,except me as I am,but love me enough to want better for me & help me along the path to that better me so that we together can reach that goal

Friday, June 10, 2016


Instead of giving you a reasons to hate me why not give you a reasons to love me 

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Sometimes I just have to stop, Said everything down, no Internet, no radios, no phone, And reboot

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Mother On Mothers Day

Being a mother isn't a easy job, the act of giving is a special thing but being a mother doesn't stop there. I don't seem to really remember how much money my mom could spend on me or how many insignificant items were purchased over the years but the selfless effort that she put into raising me right, the love that she showed,the countless sacrifices that were made on our behalf & her *genuine* character. As a mother every child deserves a chance to grow up in a nurturing environment which they can then pass those same things on to their kids.Sending crazy love to you mommy & a special RIP to my sister/mom who passed away when her kids were still little kids.I LOVE YOU MOM!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Leap Of Faith

As I ponder the thought should I ? Should I take that leap,that motion into that dark place,that journey outside of my comfort zone and into that awkward position also feeling of vulnerability ,man this is hard,but it shouldn't be,it should be like that time,that time when.. well you know that time,and I'm smiling now,yes I'm smiling.. like only you can make me,I'm thinking,like only you can make me,I'm hoping,hoping to be that person that I once was which seems such a distant memory distorted by a bunch of bad choices and negative energy,that person you believed I could be,you were always so supportive without even trying,effortlessly displaying what it means to be a real woman and that shit you are. Great company, great conversation,and some amazing sex. You're amazing and also beautiful person wife material, with you I see those long meaningful conversations while picnicking in the park, a seat for two hugged up watching our favorite flicks you know,building memories. There's nothing wrong with your mate,significant other being your best friend. I want to get back to when my heart use to have a pulse & one beat belongs to you. Now I've jumped and hope to land on my feet,will I ?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It Takes Two

Relationships are a two way effort,we have to keep in mind that both parties are invested,both have needs,both have emotions & without principles,compromise and communication they will fail. Too much outside interference is never productive because it takes away the opportunity to make sound decisions which work for you your mate and your  specific situation.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cancer.. I'm Aware Are You?

I'd like to reflect on a young lady ,a young lady that died at the age of 30 due to cancer. This young woman happens to be my sister. I didn't take her pain seriously at first but quickly became aware of how real her condition was because see one minute we were joking around and the next she was gone. It bothers me that when she asked me for that hug I laughed it off and said you're okay when I should have held her as tight as I could and now that isn't even an option. Now I'd like to focus on another young lady if I had one word to describe her it'd be awesome,smart talented with one of the biggest hearts that I've ever seen strong but struggling with this disease also.These stories are just a grains of sand on a beach compared to the many people out there going through their story. I just want to say this because a kind and sincere  word goes a long way, I admire you,all of the strong courageous fighters struggling with cancer ,because it can't be easy,with the courage,strength,hope that you have to muster while going through such an ordeal.

Always Something More To It

Man does It takes a lot to admit fault, have you ever been on the side of well if I do this or I do that in the eyes of man I'm a good person? Well on that same token how much of your do good mentality is genuine? or geared towards looking good? Ever felt like you were being held back? Your pain was someone else's pleasure?Felt like you were being bullied by ones beliefs,lies etc. ? Remember only God can judge you. I'm speaking from experience when I say that this world is full manipulative selfish people that don't think before they put all of this negative energy out into the world just to prey on the ignorance of others for self defense/esteem. Do you believe? believe in honesty,integrity, that a higher power which created you? most speak of God & his will but will always try to change things by speaking scriptures that they don't understand,walking around being critical of everything and everyone,but let's remember stone casting isn't very holy like now is it?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Apn Settings- straight talk -guaranteed mms

Something that I ran across which was helpful to me & hopefully it will be for some of you reading as well. These are the straighttalk apn settings I use on the Galaxy S6.BiteTheApple2k-Facebook-Straighttalk Apn Settings

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cynical Side To The American Dream

Okay get mad,comment how you may,disagree or what have you but I speak the truth & the saying is that the truth shall set you free. Reality.. nothing more than a falecy to a large number of people, because sadly a lot of people will be nothing more than average Americans, it's not a bad thing if you're comfortable that way or that is where you want to be,but for the ones aspiring to be successful on some level,the probability of that actually happening is slim. Who wouldn't love to have the big house/houses,fancy cars,expensive clothing etc.? But if everyone were on top who'd be on bottom looking up? Honestly,who has spent their whole life working towards success but only being greeted by death? how many times have you asked yourself why? What are they doing that I'm not!? Is it possible that embracing mediocrity is my destiny? is it possible that I'm chasing the wrong dream? I'm in trying hard enough? I had a thought,maybe I just accept what's in front of me and stop forcing just embracing then my path will be shown to me? So much wasted time,so much disappointment, so much stress worrying about what I can't control. Could the real dream be me being happy and content with where I'm at, no matter how much I have,the person I'm with,or how successful that I am or am not?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 Election Woes

Ok so with no substantial or maybe eye opening candidates stepping up we are forced to sift through the bullish and pick a "good" candidate for president in 2016 right? Well I do know one thing that one should keep in mind, going backwards can never mean moving forward. I'm saying,the only time that I go back and search for things that I've either thrown away,left behind or possibly something that I'd like to reminisce upon,but not for my presidential candidates.. Let's face it,we all know that most if not all the bs that we are being served is to do one thing and that's win right? But when I vote it's at least an attempt at helping to see our nation move forward in a positive way. If I'm not mistaken at one point didn't she attempt to disassociate herself  from president Obama? Hmmm.. We need a fresh face,a fresh perspective and not just a democratic or republican title. So that being said no I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton nor Donald Gump.

Monday, January 11, 2016

I Put You On

I think it's a shame that you feel like keeping helpful information to yourself at times because some people just aren't considerate. I can see why some people be reluctant to help you out,I know if I gave you a hand by hooking you up with a connection & your selfish inconsiderate ass burn that option for me you can figure that next one out on your own.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Exercise Your Relationship

Okay so I wanted to touch on a topic that just ran through my mind and thought it would be interesting to someone out there. It's a thought on relationships and their plateau process. Similar to exercise and the idea that once the body/weight reaches a certain level,you'd need to mix up your routines (eating,workouts etc.) or things tend to go stagnant. This can also occur in relationships. So my thought process on this is during the plateau stages in the relationship,making changes,mixing things up could help maintain a strong healthy relationship. A key factor in all of this is both parties involved have to want the relationship to grow or evolve or any effort is pointless,and much like with exercise it takes a willingness,determination, and the ability to block out ANY AND ALL outside distractions that may defer you from  achieving your goals no matter how big or small they may be. P.S outside influences/interference destroys relationships. Lack of intimacy destroys relationships. Lack of communication destroys relationships. Now if I could only get my shit together:)