Saturday, January 27, 2018

Say What??????

A strong life lesson;Never expect anything of/from anyone that you’re not capable of giving of yourself.Never expect anyone to just know what you’re thinking,Know how you’re  feeling without communicating so..speaking of communication,my son sends me a text and I never replied so he asks dad did you get my text and I said no,just tell me what it said,then he replied it’s easier for me to talk through text, now I don’t mind a good text conversation sometimes,but I’d much rather have a conversation about most things face to face. I know that you cannot change who someone is,and I’d never want to,but instead of swaying someone my way by forced tactics some gentle guidance never hurts. Nobody likes an emotional bully,nobody likes to be criticized because they don’t see eye to eye with you,and I’d prefer good old fashioned communication instead of sideways undertone bs any day to keep things nontoxic would you agree?

Thoughts And Prayers

 Lord,thank you for waking me up this morning,let today be positive,productive and prosperous,please give me serenity,and bless all those in need. writing to me requires some since of reality,honesty,personal experiences,not necessarily your personal experiences. It’s not easy ,but I’ve learned to push past the pain,the ill will towards me,the things of my past which were not so pleasant.I know that I’m not the best person,a great heart,but down right fkd up at times, but one of the hardest things is knowing who and what you are and actually to except that.When I start to get discouraged my go to is the sympathetic thoughts that there’s always someone who’s in a worst position than me. Thoughts And Prayers; go out to anyone that needs them. I also ask for your thoughts and prayers as I journey through my life issues as well. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to click that follow button and comment as well.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ain’t That Something

Damn I miss you;but I cannot and would not ever want to go back,I ask myself the question how can I see what’s down if I’m always looking up?. Reverse has its purpose,but not in moving forward. Sometimes it does hurt,but I find most of my pain to be self inflicted. A series of happy moments,sad moments,my triumphs,my misadventures have brought me to the place that I am at in my life,the person that I am at this point,but my desire to want more,be better will never let me be content with less than what I think I deserve and can be.

I Know, I Know..

Just saying shit doesn’t necessarily make it true;automatically means that something makes sense,but even if what you say is only heard by you that would mean that someone is listening,and if you’re taking your own advice well that’s even better..I speak so that the people that believe that communication doesn’t help,they don’t have an opinion or their opinions don’t matter or count;well they do,and no matter what self absorbed ass tries to sell you,shrug you,discredit you,belittle you or whatever other insecure tactics they pull. Be yourself,respect yourself,you have to find yourself before anything else. Never get lost in someone else’s existence,coexistence,but never lose sight of who you are or aspire to be.

Monday, January 22, 2018

So You Think You Know It All?

Well I’m sure that you don’t,I’d even go as far to say you’re probably not even close. How many times have you put two and two together and came up with three,rhetorically speaking right now..had everything figured out in your big so called plan for yourself and your life,fyi, life and people will always surprise you,and mostly when you least expect them to.. Your the one with the well rounded gameplay,the well processed future or the well processed scheme to mold one at least huh; I could give a shit less about preaching in this post,giving advice at this time or steering you in any specific direction,but open your damn eyes,you can’t really expect everyone nor everything to bend to your expectations,see the world through your eyes,share your shady point of view no matter how much it makes sense by your logic. Open the door, No!,I mean really open the door;step out,take a hard focused look,and process what you see,and if you’re still viewing things the same way all I can say is that you’re truly in a league all your own,but you still don’t know everything I’d stake my life on it;)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Failure To Communicate

Why must we always make everything more complicated than it has to be?a little communication,that’s all it takes;open your mouth up and speaking your mind does wonders in many over complicated situations,things that get blown totally out of proportion when just being forthright or forthcoming. The heart is a very deceiving anatomy,do as you feel or as as your mind tells you,the dilemma huh..well I’m sure being outspoken can cause uneasy feelings,but lying creates a messy aftermath in my opinion,and it may not always be directly nor immediately either. Not to pound the issue I’ll wrap this post up by saying don’t be a dick so to speak,give that individual the respect you would expect and keep it real with them the situation and yourself and just be honest from the gate and communicate for petesake,it doesn’t require much