Saturday, January 27, 2018

Say What??????

A strong life lesson;Never expect anything of/from anyone that you’re not capable of giving of yourself.Never expect anyone to just know what you’re thinking,Know how you’re  feeling without communicating so..speaking of communication,my son sends me a text and I never replied so he asks dad did you get my text and I said no,just tell me what it said,then he replied it’s easier for me to talk through text, now I don’t mind a good text conversation sometimes,but I’d much rather have a conversation about most things face to face. I know that you cannot change who someone is,and I’d never want to,but instead of swaying someone my way by forced tactics some gentle guidance never hurts. Nobody likes an emotional bully,nobody likes to be criticized because they don’t see eye to eye with you,and I’d prefer good old fashioned communication instead of sideways undertone bs any day to keep things nontoxic would you agree?

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