Monday, January 22, 2018

So You Think You Know It All?

Well I’m sure that you don’t,I’d even go as far to say you’re probably not even close. How many times have you put two and two together and came up with three,rhetorically speaking right now..had everything figured out in your big so called plan for yourself and your life,fyi, life and people will always surprise you,and mostly when you least expect them to.. Your the one with the well rounded gameplay,the well processed future or the well processed scheme to mold one at least huh; I could give a shit less about preaching in this post,giving advice at this time or steering you in any specific direction,but open your damn eyes,you can’t really expect everyone nor everything to bend to your expectations,see the world through your eyes,share your shady point of view no matter how much it makes sense by your logic. Open the door, No!,I mean really open the door;step out,take a hard focused look,and process what you see,and if you’re still viewing things the same way all I can say is that you’re truly in a league all your own,but you still don’t know everything I’d stake my life on it;)

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