Saturday, May 11, 2024

So Much Bigger: The Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef Or Rap Battle

I’m not big on giving fuel to nonsense, but I haven’t been able to turn my head in any direction without hearing about this bs so called beef or rap battle between music industries Drake and Kendrick Lamar. First I want to say that anyone that looked past the underlying issues with this, shake my damn head, then I’ll go on to say that all this is is an ego trip on both ends, neither are the greatest artist of all times, and this is not the greatest battle of all times either,it’s a shit show,a zero ring circus. This is not a play on either sides accomplishments, but just a different perspective, but to give any one person or thing this much power over our thoughts, our actions, this much of our energy is fn insane, ridiculous. Honestly there are so many talented people in this world, so many beautiful people doing extraordinary things talk worthy other than destructive behavior which contributes to the negative energy or aspect of our existence that will never get noticed because of the way that we’ve been trained or programmed to think. Speaking of thinking, since when has it been okay to become a “snitch”, I mean I could give a care less about a no snitch code personally, but clearly it’s been an ongoing thing in the so called “black community / culture”, but he did this, he did that, come on man.. race wars, tearing each other down for personal gain, isn’t all this shit the very same things that we’ve been fighting to overcome? you’re kidding me right, black, white, mixed. wtf or should I say what a fkn joke. This is how elevated we are, how organized we are, With all this bogus shit going on in the world more division over ignorance is exactly what we need. In my opinion  both men loss in that debacle, lost, or hell we all took a loss in this one, still taking losses, open your eyes and look around.