Monday, September 30, 2019

Internet Dating Is..

PHEW!!!.. Full of miscommunication,assumptions,jackasses trying to root out other jackasses,impossible expectations,stipulations and a bunch of awkward confrontations mostly based on past experiences🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ hit the comments on it

You’re A Woman, But I’m A Man None The Less

With all your”I got my own”shit,”I’m independent”shit,”I don’t need a man”shit,confused stipulations on relationship shit,too demanding,over confident,overbearing,I’m overwhelmed,confused,hey I love,respect women,but all this equality shit,this sexually confused shit,this overdramatized male and female communication shit PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn You’re Crazy ASF

Listen,because I’m always.. what you’re saying is that I’m the weird one,well yeah you’re right,but if the things that you’re saying just don’t line up in any way well...communication is not talking down in judgment,do I fear a life of mediocrity,hells yes I do,but will I be interiorized by anyone that breathes the same air as I do,blood is red collectively last time I checked so go check on your character;not a demand,only a suggestion;then your accomplishments🤔 P.S. If life were a numbers,then they probably should count. Keep comments up🙏🏾 and shop my store and engagement on my other campaigns greatly greatly appreciated,but if you’re all the way left stay the fk away from my vibes!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

they say...

They say the amount of money that I have mean my shit legit,what I own,fk what you think I’m taking all of this social shit and just speaking  on it,looking in sensibly what? These tears that I share are real,things I’ve seen are real,been through are real,and I don’t need approval,justification,over the usual,let’s go somewhere else with this...

Heyyyyyyyyyyy...what a woman wants

You got to stop talking that bs about finding your soulmate,you’re tired of mr wrong when you’re responsible for who you let into your world,your shit,your universe,your panties for real...

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Talk That Talk

I speak randomly as hell as most knows... hey if you’re on the level follow me,like me,share me especially 😉,okay,okay back on topic,these women out here trip me the fk out with all these damn rules,suggestions,demands,ultimatums  ans shit to guys that have no clue wtf you’re even talking about. Most guys see sex 99% of the time,so what do you expect to accomplish by flashing raw meat in front of a hungry lion??? don’t make sense to me. I have morals so saying stuff like that shouldn’t matter or we should have restraint or whatever else bs you can come up with to mask the evident problem of enticement idk I can’t plead your case, you first off have to go back to ground level and address what’s actual,then go from there,stop trying to change what’s natural to unnatural and immoral it’s unethical man we are man and women and no laws can adjust that the reality bandits feel this shit one hundred stacks!!! I love women,for real.. I love my mom,for real,but these bs laws governing reality are just that.. but there’s a difference between crazy and unexplainable,so tell me why do you choose destructive and then think that you are the special one to get a better outcome

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

On My Aggressive Behavior

Hmmm quite often my first thought of resolution comes to aggressive behavior,even though a thought is just a thought until action is carried out.First off I’m very sympathetic to depression,anxiety ,conditions of the mind are very real and can be very self destructive as well. When I see people angry all the time,with shitty attitudes,and the desire to transfer that negative shit on to me,to you I say with a BIG smile;my condolences to your positive energy and a big kiss my ass in the pass because I will never give you that kind of time,energy nor thought into figuring you out so hopefully you do.Above all,Peace,Love,Unity,Respect,but if all fails you do whatever it is your doing,and I’ll continue to do me

Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Long Time..Break, A Focal Point

Sometimes I be getting lazy as hell,I took this week off to focus up,read a little,drink a little,eat some unhealthy bs food,and get my mode up,let me tell you it’s okay.You ever had a thought;a thought that things have gotten weird,out of line,out of control,sometimes I feel like I’m floating on marshmallows,shit man you can’t buy this feeling,hey where you at when consciousness trying to connect,I can admit that sometimes I fall asleep when you’re dead set on me seeing things your way,but I’m there,lol complete yet complicated,I remember when some of that bs that you use to kick to me made sense or was it just my infatuation,admiration clouding my judgement,upside down,right side up,im just looking for something solid,something transparent,let’s talk about it if it’ll make things happen,what does it mean if I tell you who I am if it just a coverup,if ts not good enough,but crazy as shit it I’m all wrapped up in it,this life thing,I’m in deep now,invested,so I’m trying to figure out how not to waste this shit for real.Comment,hit me up whatever 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Like Apple Pies Vanilla Ice Cream And Sunrises..

Why would I tell you that when it’s probably going to put me in a place of vulnerability,somewhat at a disadvantage emotionally,idk why you keep thinking that the words that I’m saying have meaning;I’m meaning personally,I’m impersonal when it comes to making better decisions,regardless of the outcome,especially in your favor,when you’re not my favorite person,but few are, thoughts get deeper when I sleep nowadays because my mind is forever going,elevation,I say shit like you elevate when you start to see things in a broader mindset,enlightenment is everywhere,I be trying to keep it short,but most of the time a minute is just not long enough,to connect,communicate,clearly say what I’m trying to say,to think about it then react almost never catches up,but I’m open though,and it’s all good.

Monday, September 9, 2019

I Love Hate Confrontation;But Uncomfortable And Awkward...

Can be a good thing because they break our chains of comfortability ,but for real though, stop opening the door to bs,creating issues then crying about the outcome. This is a bs post feel free to #like #share #comment 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hateful Minds & The Actions Which Hold/Mold Us

A prime example of someone being afraid that you’re going to have just a lil bit more than they do smdh.I wake up say a prayer to bless my day and all those around me that may need it,I will not spend my time soaking about shit that’s out of my control,but I’m just going to say that it’s disappointing,sad,pitiful,disgusting,and shameful how your own background will either kill you,rob you,try to destroy you,take away your happiness,piece of mind,point blank,if your energy is off the charts their tired ass will do anything to pull you down to their level. Hey man;it’s nothing wrong with supporting someone else’s aspirations,that positive energy comes back STUPID!!! This thought arrived from me starting my day to some jealous bs regarding my car being randomly vandalized and I have not a clue in the world why,but that just goes to show you the level of ignorance we are facing nowadays. There is no race nor winner if you’re racing against yourself🤔You won’t steal my energy so...P.L.U.R.