Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Meanwhile...Holding To The Traditional Spirit

I want to kick off this post by saying thank you to all the family and friends that called,texted to let me know I was in your thoughts,the gifts as well though not expecte. As you all who know me may know,I have a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to holidays,seasonal status quo,traditionally motivated yet empty in emotion displays or gestures of affection. While everyone isn’t caught up in outdoing,satisfying the hype it has clearly become a definite shit show when it comes to the overwhelming desire to keep to protocols of what seems to be keeping to the spiritual aspects of it all.A bunch of irate individuals scrambling to find that perfect gift,that perfect gift that never seems to be enough,that special someone to spend the holidays with,that perfect dinner with family and friends that seems to always be not so perfect,that overwhelming desire to actually achieve anything near any of that,but you have pictures and videos to prove it right;rhetorical..but all the while right under your nose is the fact that you’re here,the fact that there is someone out there less fortunate than you,in worse health than you or even worse not here to even enjoy just that simple little fact. The true meaning of Christmas;the true meaning of caring for someone;the true meaning of family,one word,simplicity..give from the heart,care for one another as if you will never get another chance to,appreciate the things that you hold dear,stay humble. Happy Holidays readers

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Evil Within

Sometimes things just need to be said..minus the feelings,who you think you are,what you going through,fear of reactions,now while I hate to bring negative into my positive circle,well..fake seems the new cool,blood in blood out huh,more like blood will sell you out;I admire anyone that can keep it together under critical conditions,hold their own when there really isn’t anything to hold,remains non biased in situations that are clearly complicated from the outside looking in. I only associate with a few people personal,but the rest is business,personal gain,but family,hmmm; family;while should represent togetherness and a safe haven can in fact create some of the most toxic energy you’ve ever seen nowadays you have to treat some of your own like ghosts or fall victim to their fuckery. Yeah yeah yeah I know,nobody is perfect,but striving for the opposite shouldn’t be your goal either. Trust me I’ve heard it all.. so trying to sway me to your wicked,destructive,deceptive,cunningly corrupt point of view is futile,while cut throat there is a method to my madness,if it were in the line then it wouldn’t be considered madness huh;keep praying hoping for resolution,keep believing in that things will present a amicable solution,keep working hard towards doing the “right” things,most of all stay positive in all of this negative energy circulating around you and remember that if you don’t have your own health and sanity you really have nothing,and nothing to offer anyone else either for that matter.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dating;The Perfect One;The Ugly Truth

I swear nowadays it’s hard as hell to build a relationship,all the emotional baggage,the high maintenance,the over demanding,the inflation in egos,the misinformation leading to inflation of heads. Hey,how about lowering the bar a little;now I’m not saying throw out core values ,standards and principles,but if everyone was a 10 then the world would be perfect but everyone isn’t,and the worlds not. There are some very interesting people beyond our perfect little boxes containing what we think the perfect partner should be or is;stepping out of the line😏or our comfort zone and opening up to different possibilities could have a profound impact on our happiness;don’t,and Hmm I wonder why you’re so bitter and alone,overprotective of your feelings or find yourself swimming in the same ole murky waters called disappointment🤔 there’s no reason you should be when you keep entering situations knowing they’re going to fail..that aside back to perfect; “know your worth”now that doesn’t mean that you’re a supermodel no matter what it just means don’t belittle yourself,lest face it we are not all supermodel material,so it’s about sticking to strengths,but not being “ugly obnoxious”when you’re trying to throw fish back based on looks,status etc I hope that your mirror image matches your point of view.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I can’t hear you if you’re not saying anything

I’m not worried that you will not like me,I’m not worried about you perceptions of me either;but what worries me is what I don’t do or don’t say from insecurities of any circumstances or consequences that may or may not follow. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion,it may or may not be relevant,but you’ll never know if you keep quiet.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Art Of Losing Weight,Losing Weight,Fast Weight Loss

There really is no miracles when it comes to weight loss;If losing weight seems like a chore or job that’s because it is;it’s like taking out the garbage,or washing dishes or doing something like going to work or your laundry,If you’re not dedicated to a regular plan or routine things won’t get done right? so if you’re not prepared to set a plan and actually stick to it you will never get results. Moderation,restraint,willpower,and your level of determination will all play an important part in your journey. The mind is a very powerful thing;it can either work for you or against you in achieving your goal weight. Constantly repeating to yourself” I can do this”, “this is what i want” a weak mind is a weak body;if your mind can’t commit neither can your body. It really doesn’t matter so much what you’re eating,it’s not about quantity;now some people may take that the wrong way and think that burgers,pizza,etc is free game because I said that,that’s not what I mean,I’m saying that a well thought out diet can consist of some bad foods in small portions as well as doses. Allowing yourself time to digest meals will make a significant difference in weight loss. Three to four small meals a day,one reset or cheat day,moderate exercise along with a glass of aloe juice a day for one week of every month,lemon water the same every other week. Clearly you want to steer clear of soda,and sugary drinks and invest in more water if you can commit to a better you then there’s no way that you’ll lose,well no way that you won’t lose.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Check In

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

That’s Not Good Business

Yeah so I’m feeling compelled to talk about sensitive ass people; guys in particular who let their menstrual cycle get in the way of business. While I am never giving anything nor anyone the pleasure of a good trolling or negative recognition;because that’s clout or attention either way,I had to say something about this though;you should go check your panties my man,and last time I checked wasn’t nothing able to throw me off my grind,that I could control anyways;) but you’re cute buddy,and either way good luck though ole soft,sweet,simple ass chump. In no way could you ever be considered solid! Now,back to doing me because I just spent too much of my time on petty bs and that’s not good business at all. You can free to share some of your stories below as well

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hey Readers;You know what I’m saying

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Salvation,Redemption Or Self Gratification In The End?

You wake up with a letter stuck to you reading;you now have a limited amount of life/time left so appreciate it;enough to make one last defining decision;one last choice to show yourself;but your options are limited as well,and every other option disappears once you've made your choice;and they are religion/repentance/seek salvation,a cellphone which only has enough time to make one phone call,tweet,status post,message etc.,the option to wire one million cash to anyone of your choice to make their life better,and the option to have one last attempt at a sexual moment with someone. So,what would you do? How would you define yourself? oh yeah,and you also have to option to pass what's left of your life on to someone else who can use it better/ than you,the ultimate sacrifice which holds no restrictions.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Deal With It

No need to call you know who/what you are,what you do or did,if it was right or wrong right..rhetorical,you do you,I do me and let fate take care of the rest okay,can you handle that?probably not huh..that age old mentality,I say things that pop in my head not dwelling on the dead,dead apologies if you're feeling some kind of way,no not really deal with it/yourself and quit projecting...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Time To See The Inevitable

There comes a time in everyone's life where they become faced with the dilemma of whether to keep the belief that someone or something is going to change,turn around end differently than its present state; & no matter how much optimism,faith,or whatever it is that you tell yourself or believe will eventually happen the truth,proof,small traces of evidence pointing towards what you'd hope wasn't going to be the outcome.. and now at this point facing facts,though difficult is the only thing left to do. Thanks for reading and feel free enough to share your comments and hit that follow button as well 

Friday, August 25, 2017

In My Dreams

In my dream,both the bad and good guy gets the girl.. I want to kiss like our lives depend on it,love with such passion that there is no words to describe it, because you are a priceless jewel that should be appreciated,cherished,and even when we are apart my thoughts include you, a part of my heart belongs to and beats for you. Honestly my best friend and honest so lies never become us. My alarm rings, time to turn my dreams into reality.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Cellphone Facing Up,Cellphone Facing Down

Hmmm..facing down,facing up,how does your cellphone sit? does this mean anything? does this define you? maybe,maybe not People always say that it's a sign of hiding something,but I'm not so sure if that's entirely true. For instance, if you're trying to hide what's going on on your cellphone why not just keep notifications off? or just simply lock your phone if you don't use notifications? Which in that case the person that thinks you're hiding something can simply request to see your phone,a bit extreme in my opinion but that's me,what do you guys think?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Money Talks Bullsh** Walks

Don't get me wrong,money does make the world go round; but If you're counting my pockets to decide whether to hear what I have to say then you probably really wouldn't hear me anyway.. if money's what's talking & bull**** what's walking then that's probably why your moves are directed/walking towards anything concerning that & not the contents attached. I say give me poor wisdom over rich ignorance any day,it lasts longer;besides,I'd prefer someone that could give me insight on how to acquire what they have & not only that how to maintain/keep it. If "A fool and his or her money are soon parted" give me currency knowledge and not a ignorant handout

Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Dont Forget;Savor The Moments

Question; if I spend too much time trying to figure out how,when does the time come to actually do something about it🤔 Everything can't always be a beginning and ending,sometimes the middle makes it all worth while don't you think 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Crabs In A Barrel

It amazes me how we walk around thinking that we the shit,better than each other,get a little something or a little ahead and forget all those who may have been there,helped or supported us along the way. There is no such things as loyalty,honor,morality when it involves money ,women etc. Truthfully all acquired is pointless if you can't really enjoy it. Nobody wants to be around someone with the idea that they're above you,throwing you scraps so to speak,that person that's too scared that you don't need them if they're your equal,always flaunting their possessions,accomplishments in your face. I don't know about you but this crap in a barrel mentality is bs to me because we have to power to change. No situation has to be negative even if it's so called what we are use to! I'm sick of hearing the bs statement " I don't think that that person would have chosen to live that way,chosen to be that type of person if their circumstances were different. That's one thing that we do have is choices..good,bad,right,wrong,left,right,backwards,forward. In all consciousness I think I'd prefer to see someone else succeed along side me rather than to make them feel inferior,it seems to work out much better when everyone is happy and not just me,meaning I'd rather surround myself with people that are all on the same level rather than above or below me. If I have why shouldn't you? I'm no fool so I won't support you,but will help you to help yourself so that we can both be successful.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


just because you don't act on your sexual impulses,fantasies,cheating thoughts,desires, doesn't mean that you're better than anyone. It only means that you had enough willpower to suppress those urges. Timing is everything right.. Now,do I want a woman or man that actually cheats? Or do I want a woman or man that only thinks about it but never actually acts on those thoughts? It's such a tough choice, but I don't really want either.. too bad we can't read minds huh. Comments? 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

You may or may not know??? #TrendThis2GetThis campaign on #Twitter

Here at Stepping Out Of The Line I believe that in order to appeal to my visitors things need to be entertaining as well as visit worthy, a way to keep my readers involved i like to giveaway things to spark your attention along side my website content so... as well as prizes for participation I now have started a new idea entitled #TrendThis2GetThis or #Trend2Win campaign on #Twitter where if my tweets reach a specified amount of tweets one lucky person will win whatever prize is stated for that #tweet

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Could You Do This?!?!?! Confessions Time

Out of fear we tend to be afraid to give truth,so that said could you reveal your deepest darkest secret even if  it potentially meant loosing everything behind it?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Masturbation & Clarity



stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure.                   I'm not saying that you should masturbate day and night 24-7.. but In my opinion I have found that a lot of clarity comes from a good manual release otherwise commonly known to most as masturbation.Also referred to as rubbing one off,choking the chicken, corking the bat, cranking the shank,fisting your mister,jerkin'the gherkin,pocket pinball, pocket pool, polishing the knob,flick the bean,polishing the rocket, pounding your flounder,roping the pony, spanking the monkey, teasing the weasel,whipping the willy,yanking the crank,rub one off,jack off,Jill off,dropping the kids off at the pool and countless others that I can't think of at the moment. Anyhew lets get back on topic, so it's been my insight that when my brain gets cluttered with a bunch of unsavory thoughts due to lack of physical intimacy,you know that urge to make hasty decisions based on thinking with that head with no brain a simpler and less costly solution which is masturbation leads me to an instant level of clarity. Now I can't speak for others only voice my opinion on the subject which is why I love insight from my readers so please feel free to comment and share. Oh,before I close this out I wanted to make one more point.. when we're horny we tend to make a lot of bad choices..Not Everyone! such as infidelity,same sex hookups,bad sexual partners,spending money for sex as well. Mentally you're prepared to deal with those thoughts better if they are not the basis of your thought process. I think masturbation can also alter your mood in general as well.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Motivational Moment

Sometimes in life you'll have to cut ties to the ugly negatives in your past no matter how heartless it may seem in order to reach the beautiful positives & possibilities. Say it with me readers if you've been in a position that brings understanding to this post. I am now free! no longer will your negative,vindictive,spiteful critical and also hypocritical mannerisms hold me bound.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Movie Experience

Movies take you to a place that you could never imagine,but it takes imagination and a will to go beyond your core thinking,beyond what you think is expected of you and let go,allow yourself to be taken for a ride,a ride full of surprises ,suspense,enlightenment,enchantment,mystery,wonder which we'd never experience otherwise. Movies gives us a chance to see that which would never be possible. A chance to escape the everyday life,world ,sometimes monotonous situations which bound us. To really love movies is to feel,experience,embrace,enjoy to journey in which each one takes you for moments whether true or false are still in fact memorable. I love movies 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Art Of Internet,The Era Of The Viral Video

I'm just sitting here bored playing on my iPhone social media surfing,watching all these posts ,these videos and I have to say that it has become a major issue, a flood of goofy ass individuals thinking that because you have a smart phone it's time to upload a video of themselves sharing their philosophical gibberish,their sick sense of humor,violence,sexual innuendos etc. in hopes to get their likes,notoriety of whatever.Now don't get me wrong,some things tend to make a lot of sense,but there's way more ignorance and bs due to the ease of access and the desire to become the next viral sensation.Today everyone wants to be a damn video/internet sensation,a damn voice of the people.. I say this to only open eyes,not everyone is a leader but anyone can pull out a smart device and record some shit upload it and get views,so when you're liking shit you see online might be a good thing to not just go off the sediment that "oh that which was just said,done really appeals to me or sounds good so I'll like or share this. The internet is just that,the internet.. you can pretty much say/do anything and the ignorance of others will take it from there. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It Was Always You..

I will never hesitate to say that it was always you,always a part of me,special in every way,love is? I don't care what they say,it'll never matter what they do,my blood pumping through your veins,my heart sharing the same, it will always remain the same,to some it may just be a name,but it was always you.. every single solitary moment,every second,every breath,every word,every hug,the good ones,the bad ones,the happy ones,the sad ones I would never change one just as one my love my life it was and always will be you.. 
Pasted Image 0.jpeg

Making A Difference

If I don't see any results to back the inspirational talk it's just taking. Sitting back thinking on wise words spoken,promises broken,claims then reclaiming,searching for yourself in another's life,dreams deferred,living dreams not reality,clouded between the truth and fallacy. Is it really that hard to stand behind your words? follow through with what you say?take time from preaching about things and actually practice them for a change? change the mentality of exile by difference? Everyone wants to be the voice of reason until it means actually reasoning with reality🤔 how does one lead by example?make a difference without being different?see things for what they really are without opening up their eyes,huh..

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sex Appeal

Pull that g string to the side baby can I take a glance? This isn't romance,well maybe a little,if touching your body in all the right ways,a little caressing, a little kissing,dare I say I want a hug after we've fucked,but let me slow it down because I'm getting ahead of myself. A quick mind fuck,but never mind games,I know you've been approached by many lames,many suckers by many names,but not here babe,no babe that's not me,cruel intentions,well maybe some,but my some is to leave your body numb,hurt so good,it's possible,the possibilities are endless,love limitless,sexual assault with your sexual consent you feel me,and that's exactly what I want you to do,feel me,the real me,the realness as I give you the business,every stroke,thrust penetrates deeper as shit gets deeper,this isn't child's play,none of that bunny rabbit shit here,you hear me knocking?well let me inside,not just one door,I plan to come from every entry,mouth,p**** and ass,don't laugh.. things that make you think,so how about that drink?,how about we get real?,some grown an sexy shit,flix and how about it?

Monday, May 29, 2017

💔To Know Me Is To Love Me💔

I write..I write about things that I see,hear,sometimes things that I go through,or tell someone else's story. Now that being said,I'm only mans thoughts and opinions about shit from A to Z,so you can either take it in or blow it off your choice. One of my biggest issues with character is assumption because a large percentage of the time the shit you assumed was wrong. I'm not super educated,super smart nor do I possess a bunch of degrees either,but I do possess a thing called common sense and the common knowledge of understanding🤔..  so...I was having this conversation with someone recently and their mind frame really threw me, I was told that I am harsh,narcissistic,mean and an angry 😡 person. Well.. while partially true, my opinions won't change unless you have a legitimate idea which contradicts that,we all want to feel sheltered,validated,the comfort that the things we are doing make sense or justified,but everything isn't and truth is not everyone is going to share my feelings,thoughts,show compassion just because I feel like I should have that,get emotional just because I'm in that place. We would all like to think that everything and everyone can be categorized or evaluated by one thought process but to me assuming that makes sense sounds ridiculous. We all show affection,caring,emotion in different ways,and the way that one person perceives or chooses to analyze you is just that, one persons point of view. "In order to know someone,you have to know someone,no amount of literature nor training can fully understand ones character that takes interaction and patience"

Sunday, May 28, 2017

What Were You Thinking?

I want to start this off by saying Get Over Yourself! I mean it doesn't get any vainer than this.I'm so tired of adjusting to the way that things have changed at the hands of social media & the way that a large percentage of people view male and female relationships. I mean the other day I saw a profile on one of these social media sites of a person that I vaguely know so I decided to friend request her, and it was just that,a friend request.. so, the point of this is to say that anyone that thinks they're that important or even wanted in that manner should take a step back,re-evaluate said thought process and then come again. I'm sure it's hard to believe that everyone doesn't want you,you're not attractive to everyone,and every guy that seeks friendship is trying to get with you. I'm not going to say that the era of text,online dating,social media websites hasn't severely affected the way that people interact towards each other,but there are still people out that have a different perspective on companionship,friends,sex,and generally how to treat people with respect.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Online Dating,

Free Online Dating,Internet Dating,Social Media Sites,What can I say,it's ALL a big joke.. you have to see the humor in it..

Missed Connection

Never wait on that person or thing to come to you,because chances are that it will probably never happen.Say what you need to say,do what you need to do. Let down is one of the number one causes of missed connections. I don't want to feel some type of way after placing my heart on my sleeve or going for something and it doesn't go the way that I'd like. I say this because I too have missed out on a lot of things because of this so I decided to speak on it. Feel free to vent that missed connection in your life or just comment,share etc.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Silver Lining

The past is the past,we lived it,learned from it,get over it,then move on to make new memories,hopefully bigger and better than before. So no worries,it may seem like things will not come together,but be patient,you may be in your silver lining moment,but take the negatives and switch the script on them finding the positives,life is full of possibilities if you're willing to accept that which tries to hinder you and turn it into opportunity 

Friday, February 24, 2017

A different perspective on this

Take a minute and think about many times have we have given up something amazing just because we let egos,feelings,he say she say bs,assumptions, some secretly jealous association get in the way? I'm here to say that it's not worth and be happy doing it,fk what people think,say because there will always be critical ass people no matter what you do and you will never be right no matter how hard you try to fit into societies perfect little box

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A day in the life/Taking In The Moments

Sitting here..sitting here just thinking,thinking about all of the things that were said,going through my texts trying to piece shit together..but it all comes back to this,this place,this place that I never want to see,never want to go. What's the value of a phone call,value of a few minutes of your time,a minute out of busy ass schedule to show that you care,disappearing acts,all the psychological games what's to gain? winners,losers all of these labels and no,no resolution,no reality,no truth,no consciousness of actions,there's always losers.. never win hurting someone that you bond with,care about,or value,but what do you really want,really need,just have to have it?for one minute,one hour,one month,one year..what do you want? Is this solid?seeking be be continued on to what?where?where do we go from here ?if what is up must come,does it have to come down so far,is there a middle ground,a happy medium. Time passes,things happen,things get lost in translation,things get forgotten. Still..for a moment,man I love those moments..thinking back with a smile,hopefully there's more to come

Monday, February 6, 2017


Options also make the world go round wouldn't you agree?they control our actions in so many ways. If the,or a certain option isn't there,then we do or choose from what's available at that time true?Let's think,some of the things that we do we probably wouldn't if we did not have the option to do whatever that thing may be. So many of my choices have been based on my options available at that time. Now it doesn't take an hour long post to make a point,so short and simple..options are just that,options..they are just there to defer, there's still sound judgement required

Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Hearts Desire

First I want to say that without God as the center of any relationship it will never work. The love of my life has to be out there somewhere.. Big hugs,great smile,and awesome lover,someone that I can't wait to see when we're apart,loves me with all her heart,inseparable beings sharing & caring thru the best & worst times overcoming ALL obstacles together. Playing games,playing the field is not my thing, my heart can only belong to that one special person.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

When The Smoke Clears

Tell me if you've ever been in a situation where you've jumped at something just because it looked good? Well this little insert is based on just that. It's hard to be selective in today's society when everything is being pushed on us regularly to keep us seeing things a certain way. Now I know that no ones perfect,but neither should you give the illusion of such a thing either which can be considered false advertising.Honesty no matter how it effects an outcome goes a long way,not lying and misleading to manipulate one. What's left of a foundation built on lies when the smoke clears

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Working Towards Figuring It Out

As I come along my journey trying to find my place,trying to figure out what makes me happy and just flat out achieve some level of comfortability something I've picked up along the way is you have to erase your previous program and completely start new,it's not about what was,but what will be.. Starting fresh can have profound em pact on how you choose to move and in what or which direction you choose to move in. Fix you and I promise you'll have more to offer others,from all angles

Sound Advice

I am about to take time out to focus on me,some of the things that I need to accomplish. This doesn't mean that I am going completely off the grid,but I am laying off the most visited sites to acquire more time for more significant things I advise each and every reader to do the same. Every now and then we all need a reboot or focus point.