Friday, August 11, 2017

Crabs In A Barrel

It amazes me how we walk around thinking that we the shit,better than each other,get a little something or a little ahead and forget all those who may have been there,helped or supported us along the way. There is no such things as loyalty,honor,morality when it involves money ,women etc. Truthfully all acquired is pointless if you can't really enjoy it. Nobody wants to be around someone with the idea that they're above you,throwing you scraps so to speak,that person that's too scared that you don't need them if they're your equal,always flaunting their possessions,accomplishments in your face. I don't know about you but this crap in a barrel mentality is bs to me because we have to power to change. No situation has to be negative even if it's so called what we are use to! I'm sick of hearing the bs statement " I don't think that that person would have chosen to live that way,chosen to be that type of person if their circumstances were different. That's one thing that we do have is choices..good,bad,right,wrong,left,right,backwards,forward. In all consciousness I think I'd prefer to see someone else succeed along side me rather than to make them feel inferior,it seems to work out much better when everyone is happy and not just me,meaning I'd rather surround myself with people that are all on the same level rather than above or below me. If I have why shouldn't you? I'm no fool so I won't support you,but will help you to help yourself so that we can both be successful.

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