Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wisconsin.. What's Going On?

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Seeking Justification

When you spending all your damn time criticizing,down playing,shiting on my name,what's that saying? Well first off you probably need some business of your own..I think it's something about me that clearly bothers you,which I can't understand how one person can take up so much of your can I possibly control your actions that way??? I mean come on man...are you that into what's going on in my little world that you feel the need to try to adjust my situation with your perfect ass..nah,you not all that perfect are you,but yet and still my ears keep on ringing,and you keep singing that same tired ole song,and your the reason why.

Monday, April 27, 2015

& then there was one..

Everyday,everything,everyone.. I must live my life to coencide with this. Hours upon hours,opening my eyes with the intent to get closer to normality or at least some level of stability, maintenance in my head or in the things around me got me thinking change and rearrange,condensing and coordination in order to clone the understanding or mentality my acquaintances. There is a list,but this list seems about as achievable as touching the sun. Walking in unison with my consciousness to meet up with reality on that cold foggy road called destiny ,thumb up,hitchhiking,working to reach my destination,my time line,my purpose,the reason why I wake up and deal with this unpredictable series of events which make up my existence. To experience the  epiphany that although bits and pieces of someone else's puzzle my resemble ours,our journey is our own,no one voice holds the answers,and that no one person can give you the key to what we have already self consciously known 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Clones(products of our environment)cont

Why do we still call each other niggas?why do we disrespect our race and accept others doing the same?this is not culture,only ignorance,nobody wants to see our underwear,if every other word is profanity how deep can ones vocabulary really be?can we invest in something other than our appearance?,if you come from poverty,violence,why would you want to glorify that?give people a reason to respect you,because if we continue to do the same garbage that people expect from us,we disrespect the things that people have suffered and accomplished in the past to get us this far

The Truth Doesn't Cost You Anything (cont)

I don't care if I wasn't a slave or if it is in the past, I do however care that it is history,also that I still witness racial division to this day,anyone that can't see that ignorance is the real destroyer of lives as well as humanity  

Social Issues ll

At one point I was informed with this statement; I applaud you ,but you're going to loose/you're in a loosing battle..and what this was pertaining to was instilling the basic fundamentals and values in my kids,now how we got to this area of conversation was when I started to share some things that were bothering me like the open access of iPads in their don't get me wrong I can appreciate technology,but Ive watched it first hand how this can be damaging along with any positive points about that situation. Some would have to agree that electronic devices have stunted the mental growth of most who use them especially children and youth,always walking around with something to talk,text,play some type of game or etc. on. The ability to function in society as well as on a personal level has diminished greatly at the hands of technology. Social,but poor social skills. Advancing is good,but without the basics there wouldn't be anything to advance to.Basic math,reading,writing,spelling,communication,parenting,interaction.Why would you text me from the next room or even standing next to me? has anyone noticed the lack of ability to cope with the simplest things today? the lack of the ability to hold an intellectual conversation?the lack of the ability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time?. The overall inability to interact with people.Virtual reality has taken the place of real human contact and communication.. a proven fact is that when you tell the mind something over and over again practical or not,you can believe anything,but the issue with that is that at some point you have to come back to reality which unfortunately sometimes fall apart due to neglect.You ever wonder how many people do sh** just because they see somebody else doing it?how many envious issues arise,how many jealous thoughts come about?which in turn makes it that much harder to sustain good relationships and family structure

For Every Action (cont)

believe it or not,there is a natural order of things & when tampered with there are consequences, whether short term or long term


It’s just like the post title says;face it man we all want to be previewed a certain way,seen in a certain like,the fear of views taunts almost if not all of us,so we make moves accordingly. It’s all dressing;you know like that stuff that you put on salads,most would agree that one without dressing is bland,unappealing and undesirable so no matter the calories or damage is does we add it anyways,but do we in fact really need it or is it just a mindset

Clones(products of our environment)

In life I hope we'd  all love to be remembered,loved,honored,  carried on in some way shape form or fashion..a legacy,what did my life mean?what impact did I leave on existence and those close to and around me? A portion of psychology is to dig deep into a situation to find answers or an explanation of something which I find slightly humorous,we run to people to find the answers for us when a lot of the time if we put in the effort the answers are sometimes right in front of us. 

The Truth Doesn't Cost You Anything (cont)

I know that people hate to hear the truth when it makes them have to assess their wrong doings,Worrying is human nature,for anyone that says that they never worry is a lie..even I worry when I put bad things out there. I always try to access the worth it factor, if you step back and actually evaluate the pros and cons of a situation()()()if the payout isn't worth the trouble why put myself and others thru bs.. 

Stepping Out Of The Line

Why does giving advice always seem to be so much easier than taking it. I myself am a very challenging person,just about everything someone throws at me I question it,to me it's kind of like a game of some sort,where I'm the host and you're the contestant who has to answer my questions correctly or loose. The problem with a contradictory person is that while it may be an ego thing or some other underlined issue,this type of characteristic can be quite a handful to deal with.I admire freethinkers,someone who speaks their mind no matter the outcome ,against all odds,opposing the normal thought process,going against the grain,the ability to see things in a totally different light is rare and refreshing.I have been told several times over as well as seen that the human mind can and is programmed as if that of a robot,from what we consume,wear,watch,believe in,where we go,what we do,how we act,who we trust,what we spend our money on,what's and who's acceptable.I believe we all need that defining moment/moments in our lives,the ones where we say the hell with it and do what the heart desires or forever live in the thought of what may have been,passed or squandered opportunity only leads to regret and resentment.Embrace every moment while remembering merely existing is not living,words I need to live by myself also.

Ignorance Becomes Us ll

People are so easily intimidated I mean why I miss out on something just because of the idea that you put in your Mind about something? Or someone if we could get past our own personal interest,closed mindedness and feelings  we probably be amazed at how many things were not what we thought they were

The Power In Words/ Words To Live By ll

People we need to keep the lines of communication open!Don't feel afraid to speak out on things!we have come to the conclusion that if it doesn't directly affect us,that it's not a big deal or of any concern..yes it does matter!what doesn't directly affect us may affect us in some round about way..turning our heads to all of the issues plaguing us today should no longer be an option!I mean,what are we teaching our future predecessors?I know the thought process,"who am I to say anything""why should I be the one to speak up"well for the simple fact,each one teaches another,and it's a positive step in the right direction..who knows what might change because of it.If something is wrong it's wrong no matter how we try to rationalize.Nothing that we've done in our past should hinder us from becoming a better person,teaching better methods,or wanting to see our kids and others around us do better 

Friday, April 17, 2015


You have to be careful of change,it can be positive unless pushed by critical self motivated outside influencers,never base your efforts to be a better person or to do better for yourself because of someone else's criticism or overbearing plight to change your thought process,adjust things about or around you,or manipulate you to view things their way for their self gain. Change should first and foremost benefit you then the side effects should then pour onto others,if this is not the case then I would seriously weigh the pros and cons of that change before I decide to make it.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


: Ever had that moment where that BIG thing that you swore by turned failure,or that once it happens the achievement felt meaningless or bittersweet? happens to me all the damn time..we all are taught to strive to be the best,that our accomplishments define u,I'd have to agree to a certain degree. Tell me this,what happens when the drive for accomplishment begins to overpower judgement?and that will to accomplish is all that you now see.People tend to model themselves in whatever image they portray as who or where they want to not knowing that that image is not always easy or what it seems underneath. The ability or desire to muck in someone else's life is never going to stop,but the truth of it is half of the time the advice is bad and one sided,also it's hard to point someone in the right direction without any idea of what that direction should be..(example)Everyone isn't meant to be a doctor or lawyer etc. so how can one model themselves exactly like someone else? or live their life exactly as someone else has?back to my point,it takes a certain amount of ingredients to create the correct recipe,your accomplishments shouldn't be the only ingredient in your life dish. I won't attempt to tell you what you should add,but block out the influence and focus on adding a solid foundation to those accomplishments  

Come On,Really...

Ok this little insert here was inspired by an event that took place while going to the grocery store,now I understand that we are going to be men & do have the tendency to check out women as they're passing by,but a point that I'd like to address about this is that the average female doesn't like to be sexually assaulted while trying to buy her groceries. Okay,senerio,I happen to be pulling up to the store at this point & this lady was coming out the store,& while walking towards her car two african american gentlemen were headed inside saw this woman & proceeded to practically undress her with their eyes. The problem with this is no *lady* wants to feel violated in this way, and truth,no *lady*really goes for that thirsty look so try to contain yourself my friend, it's embarrassing to us as well kind of pathetic we are no longer cavemen.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ignorance Becomes Us

It has the ability to control our every action, good or bad, But mostly the  good ones. Now why do we stubbornly ignore things that we know we need to do or should be doing even if we know that it will or is effecting us?

Monday, April 13, 2015

I Know..

Remembering the times,times of struggle,times of grief,times of hardship,times of pain,things that cannot be changed,things that the normal person could not even begin to phantom,looking thru the rear view window of my mind and trying to place everything into its proper order,to make sense of it all,kind of like climbing the toughest cliff and trying not to fall,often riddled with notions of giving up,but letting go would be the easy way out,don’t you think?yes,it can get hard,harder for some than others,but that thing called choice,will I let life get the best of me?or grab ahold,place adversity beneath my feet and not over my head,negative to positive,keep moving forward,remembering good or bad,the past ,which is who I am,but never dwelling there,after all your past is just that,yet still I remember

Change(never loose sight)

Change(never loose sight)You have to be careful of change,it can be positive unless pushed by critical self motivated outside influencers,never base your efforts to be a better person or to do better for yourself because of someone else’s criticism or overbearing plight to change your thought process,adjust things about or around you,or manipulate you to view things their way for their self gain. Change should first and foremost benefit you then the side effects should then pour onto others,if this is not the case then I would seriously weigh the pros and cons of that change before I decide to make it most of all never loose sight of who you are trying to adhere to the questionable beliefs of someone else,no matter who it is

Walking The Line

There’s a situation that seems to be ongoing ,but ongoing by choice because it doesn’t have to remain this way. It has been locked into our train of thought that whatever we see everyone else doing is the way that things should be done or what we should be doing,a follow the leader type of effect. This behavior has and will always continue on until one differentiates themselves or steps out of line,causing this train of thought to derail. One of the issues with thinking and acting like someone else is that there’s no room for improvement nor room for change & also growth.I tend to challenge things quite a bit due to lack of sufficient reason or purpose connected, It is good to ask questions,you can’t get answers if you don’t ask,you’re definitely not guaranteed to always get an answer either. Something that eats away at me is watching people around you or anywhere for that matter just mentally coexist.. sharing the same thought process without even so much as even trying to think for ones self,just because someone says something doesn’t mean that it’s true..whether your a public figure,accomplished,educated,or for any other reasons that you may attach to for justification,no one has all the answers,we all make mistakes this is true,but who makes the call on what and who’s actually right or who’s wrong,we must build a solid foundation in and of ourselves before stepping outside of that and exploring others points of view,beliefs,method of thinking,I don’t think that you can reach your full potential without first finding out who you are and also owning that. It is such a trend now to instead of thinking for ourselves letting someone else do the thinking for us.You ever found yourself just doing something because someone else was doing,going,wearing,saying it? “It’s what’s in style”, It’s “what everyone else is doing” “everyone else is going to be there”, Well not everyone.. not everyone has the capability to understand being controlled or the will to make that decision to do something different. There is ALWAYS more than one choice,always more than one way to go but a lack of willingness to explore those ventures is strong,but the benefit of actually achieving that feat is infinite

Religion Based

I am not the BIGGEST religious person out there but I grew up in the church & no over achieving religion police can look down on me!!! This Is 100!!! “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:32
He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
8:32-39 All things whatever, in heaven and earth, are not so great a display of God’s free love, as the gift of his coequal Son to be the atonement on the cross for the sin of man; and all the rest follows upon union with him, and interest in him. All things, all which can be the causes or means of any real good to the faithful Christian. He that has prepared a crown and a kingdom for us, will give us what we need in the way to it. Men may justify themselves, though the accusations are in full force against them; but if God justifies, that answers all. By Christ we are thus secured. By the merit of his death he paid our debt. Yea, rather that is risen again. This is convincing evidence that Divine justice was satisfied. We have such a Friend at the right hand of God; all power is given to him. He is there, making intercession. Believer! does your soul say within you, Oh that he were mine! and oh that I were his; that I could please him and live to him! Then do not toss your spirit and perplex your thoughts in fruitless, endless doubtings, but as you are convinced of ungodliness, believe on Him who justifies the ungodly. You are condemned, yet Christ is dead and risen. Flee to Him as such. God having manifested his love in giving his own Son for us, can we think that any thing should turn aside or do away that love? Troubles neither cause nor show any abatement of his love. Whatever believers may be separated from, enough remains. None can take Christ from the believer: none can take the believer from Him; and that is enough. All other hazards signify nothing. Alas, poor sinners! though you abound with the possessions of this world, what vain things are they! Can you say of any of them, Who shall separate us? You may be removed from pleasant dwellings, and friends, and estates. You may even live to see and seek your parting. At last you must part, for you must die. Then farewell, all this world accounts most valuable. And what hast thou left, poor soul, who hast not Christ, but that which thou wouldest gladly part with, and canst not; the condemning guilt of all thy sins! But the soul that is in Christ, when other things are pulled away, cleaves to Christ, and these separations pain him not. Yea, when death comes, that breaks all other unions, even that of the soul and body, it carries the believer’s soul into the nearest union with its beloved Lord Jesus, and the full enjoyment of him for ever.
Romans 8:33
Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth”

Personal Vendetta

I don’t normally tend to air my grievances online or get too personal but I got some shit that I need to get up off of my chest,but before I do I think that I should put it in mind that there is only probably 10% of people who actually have the balls to really speak their minds,leaving everyone else to hold it in until they snap off and go on some type of killing spree or something stupid shit like that.My intentions with this is just to state how I feel which I think falls u…nder Freedom Of Speech.So that being said I don’t get what the fuck people be thinking when they make the choice to alter and play with peoples livelihood on some I am disappointed with the dickheads in the HR department on the decision that I was a trouble maker???WTF…at #sargento so their solution was to get rid of me right before the chance to get hired. Now this is the point,I know life isn’t fair and as realistic as that is I’m a man and I can handle that,but still bullshit is bullshit and that insecure,atrocious,putrid creature that threw those fallacious ass allegations my way can kiss my black ass and go find the tallest ledge & take a leap also! some people REALLY need to GET REAL and get over theirselves because my only motive at that job was to do my job and make money which is what I’m all about. When we approach people based on our assumptions or presumptions we have no clue of that persons background not do conglomerates ever take the time or effort to do so before passing judgement. You actually have no clue where I’ve come from and quite honestly wouldn’t want that side of me to rear its ugly head and quite frankly neither would I,(figuratively/metaphorically speaking!) no one likes to stare down the barrel of that steel as someone takes what they’ve worked so hard to acquire or accomplish?,or wants to see the unemployment rate rise,so when you have someone trying hard to live legitimately keep that shit in mind. Kids play with toys & bitches love dramatic bullshit,fake ass individuals are cowards smiling in someone’s face then shafting them when the opportunity presents itself. So I guess this goes back to the life isn’t fair statement,you bust your ass,show respect,restraint,determination & diligence for these people & in return they kick you & your hard work etc. out the door.. I guess if I were the opposite then then I’d probably still have a place there.We ALL have choices and the opportunity to make good decisions and ignorant ones with spiteful motives tend to come full circle (meaning what goes around comes back around)

Just Thinking…

Just Thinking…I have learned that you should always beware of “conversation switch junctures” I’ll call them, knowing when to leave a conversation can really be beneficial.There is always a cut off point somewhere,the division between saying too much or

talk overkill.Cultural,ethnic,religious backgrounds can create a communication
barrier which ironically can’t be broken without communication. I’m finding that sometimes you won’t understand nor control every single incident that arrives from miscommunication, but it is important that you take,remain in control of your emotions and of how you handle any situation that may arrive
from. Overreaction,misguided negative emotions will under no circumstance help but prolong any chance of moving forward and personal resolution. =>ABF<= (insert from my project book untitled “Stepping Out Of Line”)

The Power In Words/ Words To Live By

 I have a few words that sit at the top of my vocabulary & things to try & live by. (LIVE!) enjoy it as much as possible without hurting others or breaking commandments & serious laws that will in turn hurt yourself.( LOYALTY) be true to yourself first & true to the *significant* people in your life.theres nothing worse than misplaced loyalty.(RESPECT )you have to respect others privacy,things,space.(Common Sense) if it doesn’t make sense,9 times out of 10 it probably isn’t sensible,NO amount of education that you obtain can give you that! >ABF< have a few words that sit at the top of my vocabulary & things to try & live by. (LIVE!) enjoy it as much as possible without hurting others or breaking commandments & serious laws that will in turn hurt yourself.( LOYALTY) be true to yourself first & true to the *significant* people in your life.theres nothing worse than misplaced loyalty.(RESPECT )you have to respect others privacy,things,space.(Common Sense) if it doesn’t make sense,9 times out of 10 it probably isn’t sensible,NO amount of education that you obtain can give you that! >ABF<

Boo Hoo(playing my tiny violin) Product Of Your Enviroment

Your environment has nothing to do with how you were raised,ultimately we have to come to a point where we define ourselves,take account for who we are & what we do,we are individual before we become friends,partners,lovers,teammates,groups,gangs,husbands,wives and any other link you may form

Can't Be Good

They are learning all the wrong shit!!! media instead of progressing our youth etc. seem to be dumbing us down..based mostly on asinine bs mixed with only a very small

percentage of helpful info wtf u expect to happen??? it’s time for the grown ups to stop acting like teens & also turning the other way when they see shit happening! There use to be a time when we cared not only for our inner circle but the people around us also.The quotes it’s not my kid or it’s not my problem or let someone else deal with it can’t be all we have to offer..

Letting It Go (small steps that help)

We ALL need that moment when we just slow it down,take some time to reflect,collect ourselves,or just put things on pause and breathe..there is nothing healthy or normal about bouncing all over the place all the time!So I now declare A  No Worries Wednesday to all that accept. On this day we say f*** it to all the stress,drama,problems etc. in our lives & just enjoy it no matter what the situation is before we get back to our daily routine of just living. I DARE YOU!

Family Values(that male & female thang)

So I was thinking about women & how they have become so demanding nowadays,I need this I need that,I want things like this I want things like that,equal this equal that,but let’s keep in mind that a woman & man both have their own place at the end of the day & there is nothing like the feel,company,sight,loving,conversation & backing of a REAL woman. Now most claim to be this but fall far short of description. Know …that you can’t demand anything that you haven’t put the work in to accompany such demands.A man needs love/loving & affection in order to feel like a man not ridicule & negativity,don’t get me wrong no woman should lay down her soul or loose sight of who she is in order to please her man or support some lazy worthless abusive looser,no relationship is perfect but with proper nurturing & attention any relationship can come close. In short women act like women,and if your a mother respect your family keep to values love your man and give valid effort and the payout will be astronomical

Clones(products of our environment)

It’s so funny sometimes how we tend to model ourselves from or mimic the actions that we see from others.While trying to follow someone else's path or aspirations,we tend to loose sight of our own -placing too much focus on someone else's goals and accomplishments makes it hard to achieve your own-I know who and what I am so I don't waste time trying to prove it to myself or the world-A lot of people don't understand that the way to truly feel alive is to let the bs go,accept who you are,and be the best you that you can be,besides,It's easy to perpetrate who you are until eventually the surface rises,and those ideas of who or what we should image ourselves to is ridiculous.. but the mentors,role models,activist,teachers,selfless givers,helpers,the ones committing random and selfless acts of kindness,you can acquire all the money,fame,materialistic shit in the world & still be a piece of shit person.. keeping true to ones self is a road rarely traveled,but we really don't need anymore "heroes"

Social Issues

Social IssuesThe media has totally brain washed the young as well as the immature adult population into believing & mimicking everything they see & hear. Please people remember that this social shit should be taken as simple as it is..don’t place too much on the merit of the abundance of garbage being shoveled into your retina.Stopsearching for something or someone to believe in & believe in yourself.Stop trying to post shit that makes you look good here,but your personal life & attitude is fucked up.Stopspeaking,bragging & glorifying crap that makes you look & sound ignorant. You can have all the book knowledge in the world with no personality or common sense.Looks from the outside are very appealing & most often deceiving.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

No Happy Holidays

Christmas should be spent with family and the ones that you “love”,I’m not talking infatuation,but”love”it’s not about the number of gifts that we can buy or that you receive, any of that other superficial blah that we get caught up in every year,something that the holidays lack in most instances is sustenance.Cherish one another and make good of the moments that you do have,try to look deeper than just the exterior and enjoy your holiday to the best of your ability

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Social Netjerk

1) If your hands and or eyes are constantly glued to your your laptop or desktop-2)If you spend more time staring at photos,liking everyones status,poking,tweeting etc. than focusing on yourself -3)If you don't have sexual relations ,or any other contact with your significant other-4)If your entire friend base is based online-5)If you cant take a crap without your laptop-6)If your computer comes before your children and family-7)If you happen to spend more hours on your computer or laptop than at work(and don't get a paycheck for it)-8)If your laptop is the first thing that you grab in the morning to find out what you missed just last night online when you logged off-9)If you go to sleep at night dreaming about the next time that you can access those accounts and check out what you may have missed only hours ago while you were sleeping-10)If you can't go a day without that device,and instead of making an appearance you'd rather email,message,text message or put your conversation or thoughts on a wall,board or other

Political Time Passing

"We The People" what does this statement mean?I don't know about anyone else but I can't seem to get past the fact that in all of this time we can't seem to get it together..blinded by ignorance and or personal agendas,no motivation for nation preservation,childish finger pointing,D or R,this side that side,promise after promise then just throw a bandage on the underlined problem,when will unity to resolve our issues become the main goal?

The Truth Doesn't Cost You Anything

Why do we meaning people in general put on shows or fronts for everyone else? like statements like "I have your back "then when it comes down to it, nothing.. or like were big shots or have it so good or that we've got it all together when in reality it's nothing like that? Something I never got the hang to tell someone they're f ****** up without sounding critical

For Every Action..

Sometimes it takes extreme life lessons due to trial for hard headed m************ to get it,but problem with that is sometimes you can loose everything on a gamble.
A thought or maybe suggestion is to keep in mind that every action has a reaction and sometimes backlash or consequences.. I now try to think about the moves that I make and not base them on moments feelings or out of anger or rebellious sentiments.I constantly find myself in the habit of wanting to blame others for my shortcomings,my issues,my faults & conflicts that come about in my life when ultimately aside from my maker I have to say that we hold that control,it's just a matter of owning it

How Could We?

An insert that I thought I should write in is the fact that we are always making excuses to justify fault for just about everything in our lives,I know,because I find myself doing it at times also,but some shit I will never excuse and that's disrespect of our parents or elders..there is a difference in respect and just going along with something that everyone says,until you are of age a child needs guidance,of course they don't think so..but can't take care of themselves,have...n't been thru anything,but know everything,some adults fall under the same category because of the cycle of the error that some of us as parents make in thinking that because we live in the same house and take care of their wants and give in to get along that that's good parenting when the actions and mentality of children nowadays are all screwed up.Oh my life is sooo horrible because I didn't get a pair of shoes,a new phone,get to stay out past curfew,my parents want me to clean my room or do chores,I have to spend time with my little sister or brother instead of my friends or boyfriend,I can't sleepover at someone's house.Wake Up!the definition of parent is yes provider,but also protector,even if it doesn't make the child happy,it has to be done,instill values at all cost,there should be rules in order to build structure,so quick to diagnose everything when in reality a child that has never been taught to have discipline can't cope with it being enforced on them,and will lack the know how in adulthood.Back in the day I remember walking to school,saving up for my own first car,doing odd jobs for money before I could even work,respectful tone and no cursing in front of your parents,chores,family nights,family outings,church then out to dinner on Sunday.If we don't even put forth the effort to raise our kids we can't in all honesty expect the to turn out successful and productive adults can we
? }-A sad reality when we have gotten past seeking wisdom from our elders,when we have gotten past the will to see our seeds succeed and not just get by,a time when respect is something that we were born to demand,that our own self absorption has lead to the slow demise of any sense of moral fiber in our children and youth,the assumption that we don't have to listen to our leaders and or parents,the fact that in a lot of instances our leaders are not who ...we should even be following.The fact that nowadays there is no backbone or structure in a large percentage of today's households,the bar has been set so low,no will nor desire to achieve,self worth,ability to stand on ones own two feet without a need to feel defined by groups or the situation of being constantly tied to someone. What is the definition of family?what is the definition of love?what is the definition of a good parent? I bet everyone thinks they know,I am comfortable not having a clue,but a harsh wake up is that I hear these words all the time and know for a fact that they are a great oversight for many. It's not enough to give birth,there are 18 years of blood sweat and tears there after,it's the little things that we take for granted,those simple things that we constantly overlook as insignificant that mean the world to a child,it's not about the child support,which is so one sided,because believe it or not a lot of fathers would actually rather be in there kids life on a constant basis instead,but by design it almost never works out that way.I say this over and over again, it's not about doing what's convenient or what we want to do all the time,sometimes we should try doing what we need to do.

When Do We Draw/Cross That Line

I only say this out of respect for all my fellow human beings, It's time to take a good look around & see what's going..& why...
 Obsession,obsessive,excessive,over compulsive, going overboard,an addictive desire to overdo..please stop me when I've made a point

You Big Bully!!!

I had a thought while at the gym one day that not only does my body need fitness but so does my soul..we have become so over opinionated that we fail to show compassion,bulling is not just something that goes on on school playgrounds nor a child or teenage thing,no one wants to be forced to share in someone else's beliefs or ways,or pressured to act or do something just because "everyone else is".Should I fear speaking my mind because it's not socially correct or what someone wants to hear?we all love to be right whether we admit it or not..but the true test is can we accept the reality that we are human and all prone to error.. one way to see and grab your future is to confront and embrace your past,because your past builds you,but your future defines and becomes you, also, you cannot make someone understand your point of view,only share with them your opinions A hope they understand at least some of what you're saying. I find it interesting by instinct,habit,peer pressure,the urge to follow,loneliness,hate,envy,lack of esteem,emotion,fear what we will do.. I call it "the sports"The tendency to get hostile and show anger as a sign of offense or defense in rebuttal to something said to you that you didn't like.I mean who likes to get called out on their bs right;)

Repeat after Me...

As much as people will try I will not let them make me loose my cool,I will never have fear of failing as long as I try,I could not care less what people think of me for I am my own judge aside from God,& I must maintain reasonable control over my situations no matter the outcome or obstacles.I say this to myself every time the situation calls for it ~AntwanBigbiznessFlowers~