Monday, April 13, 2015

Walking The Line

There’s a situation that seems to be ongoing ,but ongoing by choice because it doesn’t have to remain this way. It has been locked into our train of thought that whatever we see everyone else doing is the way that things should be done or what we should be doing,a follow the leader type of effect. This behavior has and will always continue on until one differentiates themselves or steps out of line,causing this train of thought to derail. One of the issues with thinking and acting like someone else is that there’s no room for improvement nor room for change & also growth.I tend to challenge things quite a bit due to lack of sufficient reason or purpose connected, It is good to ask questions,you can’t get answers if you don’t ask,you’re definitely not guaranteed to always get an answer either. Something that eats away at me is watching people around you or anywhere for that matter just mentally coexist.. sharing the same thought process without even so much as even trying to think for ones self,just because someone says something doesn’t mean that it’s true..whether your a public figure,accomplished,educated,or for any other reasons that you may attach to for justification,no one has all the answers,we all make mistakes this is true,but who makes the call on what and who’s actually right or who’s wrong,we must build a solid foundation in and of ourselves before stepping outside of that and exploring others points of view,beliefs,method of thinking,I don’t think that you can reach your full potential without first finding out who you are and also owning that. It is such a trend now to instead of thinking for ourselves letting someone else do the thinking for us.You ever found yourself just doing something because someone else was doing,going,wearing,saying it? “It’s what’s in style”, It’s “what everyone else is doing” “everyone else is going to be there”, Well not everyone.. not everyone has the capability to understand being controlled or the will to make that decision to do something different. There is ALWAYS more than one choice,always more than one way to go but a lack of willingness to explore those ventures is strong,but the benefit of actually achieving that feat is infinite

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