Monday, April 13, 2015

Clones(products of our environment)

It’s so funny sometimes how we tend to model ourselves from or mimic the actions that we see from others.While trying to follow someone else's path or aspirations,we tend to loose sight of our own -placing too much focus on someone else's goals and accomplishments makes it hard to achieve your own-I know who and what I am so I don't waste time trying to prove it to myself or the world-A lot of people don't understand that the way to truly feel alive is to let the bs go,accept who you are,and be the best you that you can be,besides,It's easy to perpetrate who you are until eventually the surface rises,and those ideas of who or what we should image ourselves to is ridiculous.. but the mentors,role models,activist,teachers,selfless givers,helpers,the ones committing random and selfless acts of kindness,you can acquire all the money,fame,materialistic shit in the world & still be a piece of shit person.. keeping true to ones self is a road rarely traveled,but we really don't need anymore "heroes"

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