Thursday, April 16, 2015

Come On,Really...

Ok this little insert here was inspired by an event that took place while going to the grocery store,now I understand that we are going to be men & do have the tendency to check out women as they're passing by,but a point that I'd like to address about this is that the average female doesn't like to be sexually assaulted while trying to buy her groceries. Okay,senerio,I happen to be pulling up to the store at this point & this lady was coming out the store,& while walking towards her car two african american gentlemen were headed inside saw this woman & proceeded to practically undress her with their eyes. The problem with this is no *lady* wants to feel violated in this way, and truth,no *lady*really goes for that thirsty look so try to contain yourself my friend, it's embarrassing to us as well kind of pathetic we are no longer cavemen.

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