Saturday, February 26, 2022

Rotate Your iPhone Screen/view your iPhone Screen sideways

A simple fix to a age old problem. How can I get my iPhone to show sideways view?well here’s how,there is a icon which views as a lock with a circle arrow around it which should appear at the top of your screen in the right corner. You will not be able to see this until you take your finger and slide down from the top of your screen,you will see a second screen,now you will repeat that step again and there you should see a bunch of icons including the lock and arrow one. If the icon is highlighted your screen is locked,just tap this and that should solve your problem. As always like,follow,share & follow to put me on the board.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Joe Rogan Controversy

Look,we as a humanity should be growing up,not growing down,if we hear something that we don’t like,like two year olds we scream,shout,pout until we get our way. Grow tf up people,not everyone is going to think the same,act the same,or adhere to the status quo!!!we are not all sheep

iPhone or Android Lost Contacts/Contact Recovery

I woke up this morning with a thought on my mind,damn I met this guy and he was fascinated by my tshirt with my fallen angel logo on it, and he wanted to exchange information regarding this to show support. I told him to put his contact information into my phone which he did.Some time passed,and I had forgotten who he was in my contacts,so I began to look on the internet for ways to recover recently added contacts and came across this app called #recentcontacts which helped me recover his information. Hope this is helpful and that you send comments,like,share and become a follower of my blog,support my other ventures which are posted throughout my blog 


One thing about humanity,we will always feel that need to be praised. It’s a known fact that the reaction of someone else being right triggers that action of someone denying that satisfaction. No one likes to admit that they’re wrong. Success in this matter would rely on whether the person in question is willing to drop the I have to win mentality or I’m in charge idea and step into the other persons psyche,everyone likes to feel appreciated for the things that they do right and not always scolded for the things they don’t