Thursday, May 28, 2020

No Day But Today

Today I wanna fkn touch you,hold you,be next to you,smell you,taste you,walk with you,talk to you,feel your energy. This is how I’m feeling right now,but tomorrow,who knows...

It’s Just That Easy

Tell me what’s on your mind,tell me how you feeling,expose me to things that will hurt me,displease me,I don’t need perfection just effort. Life moves in one direction,forward so why shouldn’t we

Friday, May 22, 2020

What are you waiting for?!?!

Don’t just sit there for fks sake!,say something!,make a move!,chances are priceless and rare,missed opportunities should make you feel shitty,so do something,catch the moment,no what if,GO!,what are you waiting for an open invitation,may never happen so..


What is loyalty when I’m broke,starving,alone,hurting,suffering and your selfish ass could give a care less,’s nonexistent. If I spend all my time living by a so called code that leads me down a road to self destruction,constantly taking,draining my positive energy with no reward,where’s the loyalty in that shit

Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Good Thing

Sometimes saying nothing is a good thing,sometimes just listening is a good thing,sometimes distance is a good thing,sometimes being by yourself is a good thing,sometimes time to think is a good thing,sometimes reading is a good thing, sometimes knowledge is a good thing,sometimes an open mind is a good thing,sometimes opinions are a good thing,sometimes feeling is a good thing,whether good or bad feelings are a good thing, sometimes looking over your shoulder is a good thing,because everyone isn’t always on a good thing,sometimes people say a good thing,but do the total opposite of a good thing,some will try to take away a good thing,but never change what defines you is a good thing,exploring yourself is a good thing,knowing yourself is a good thing,changing to adjust to life is a good thing,thinking that you know everything is a good thing,finding out that you don’t is a good thing,sometimes drugs are a good thing,alcohol is a good thing,being abstinent* is a good thing,sexual exploration is a good thing,anger is a good thing,pain is a good thing,peace is a good thing,love is a good thing,unity is a good thing,respect is a good thing,what is a life if you’re not living to figure it out.Finding yourself is a good thing ,loving yourself,embracing yourself then giving that positive energy to someone else is a good thing.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

nothing behind it

Unconditional is a beautiful word.I love you for you,so come as you are and you got my respect always in that no judgement

let’s talk

Okay my thing is it’s easy for someone to point out your flaws,your fk up,things that they find unappeasable to their ass,their standards. I mean come on now,take a good hard look at yourself,your life,your shortcomings,your addictions,your crutches,your flaws then let’s try that judgmental shit again. Life is a journey,from beginning to end we’re making choices,making decisions based on what we think makes sense. The end doesn’t justify the means,but I want to be as happy and productive as possible so...