Sunday, May 31, 2020

Let’s Start A MF Riot.. I Mean, Come On Now..🤨 #BlackLivesMatter

As people riot,lout,pillage,destroy communities in an effort to so called be heard,or capitalize on someone else’s life,pain one thing is apparent,common sense is nonexistent and there’s no limit to ignorance. While I understand that we need to put a hault to the senseless violence on individuals that they’re sworn to protect and serve,we the people work to pay salaries or to die,so much deeper than that,we can hurt and kill each other,but pick and choose when it’s time to so called take a stand. Justice is justice,ignorance is ignorance,and greedy,capitalistic rhetoric is just that. There is no justice in violence on top of violence get a fkn clue already!!! As we’ve seen in the past this typical Neanderthal behavior hasn’t done shit in the past,but this time I guess it’s going to be different huh.      👁🤔👁 yes #BlackLivesMatter and yes we need #Justice but.. sighing as I shake my damn head

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