Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It Takes Two

Relationships are a two way effort,we have to keep in mind that both parties are invested,both have needs,both have emotions & without principles,compromise and communication they will fail. Too much outside interference is never productive because it takes away the opportunity to make sound decisions which work for you your mate and your  specific situation.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cancer.. I'm Aware Are You?

I'd like to reflect on a young lady ,a young lady that died at the age of 30 due to cancer. This young woman happens to be my sister. I didn't take her pain seriously at first but quickly became aware of how real her condition was because see one minute we were joking around and the next she was gone. It bothers me that when she asked me for that hug I laughed it off and said you're okay when I should have held her as tight as I could and now that isn't even an option. Now I'd like to focus on another young lady if I had one word to describe her it'd be awesome,smart talented with one of the biggest hearts that I've ever seen strong but struggling with this disease also.These stories are just a grains of sand on a beach compared to the many people out there going through their story. I just want to say this because a kind and sincere  word goes a long way, I admire you,all of the strong courageous fighters struggling with cancer ,because it can't be easy,with the courage,strength,hope that you have to muster while going through such an ordeal.

Always Something More To It

Man does It takes a lot to admit fault, have you ever been on the side of well if I do this or I do that in the eyes of man I'm a good person? Well on that same token how much of your do good mentality is genuine? or geared towards looking good? Ever felt like you were being held back? Your pain was someone else's pleasure?Felt like you were being bullied by ones beliefs,lies etc. ? Remember only God can judge you. I'm speaking from experience when I say that this world is full manipulative selfish people that don't think before they put all of this negative energy out into the world just to prey on the ignorance of others for self defense/esteem. Do you believe? believe in honesty,integrity, that a higher power which created you? most speak of God & his will but will always try to change things by speaking scriptures that they don't understand,walking around being critical of everything and everyone,but let's remember stone casting isn't very holy like now is it?