Friday, March 30, 2018


Yeah so a lot of hits from this post probably going to come from the smokers like whoo hoo a post about burning,but this ones about my 420 angel;she’s been appearing to me in full force lately and I couldn’t figure out what was going on;I would see 420 somewhere at least once a day and had no clue why,till I did a little searching and from the info that I found came up with it’s my 420 angels letting me know that I’m covered,being watched over,and can call on them in my time of despair,so keep the faith,stay strong,my determination isn’t in vain;so there you have it,something spiritual can you dig it

To My Audience..

I know sometime she gets redundant you know, maybe like a broken record, but I had to say this, say that anytime you hear me talking, the tone of my words, the things I’m talking about are not always about me!,because some of you read this stuff, and get on your philosophical kicks about it,come trying to dissect this shit I’m talking,im me on some off base stuff,getting sympathetic or feeling some type of way when there’s no need,don’t;it’s pointless,at least if it’s out of context anyways;yeah sometimes certain matters will take a little common sense,you know,reading between the line,just hit me up and ask if you’re curious;I talk about communication nothings gonna change about that.🤲🏾each 1 teach 1🤲🏾

Woke Up Like This

Ever had that day where your heads so far up your own ass that you have no clue what’s up or down;everyone can just kiss your ass;where just a little bit of attention would do,that thing just isn’t coming together like you’d like,that you’re missing something,sometime in your twisted life,someone present or in past terms,maybe you should’ve tried harder,or shouldn’t have,maybe if I act an ass I’d get heard,seen,acknowledged,had a shit load of cash to blow then they’d notice me,yeah;they’d see me then,if I made all the right moves,kissed all the right asses,played it by “the book”,yeah;but for how long;until interest is lost,until I don’t satisfy your curiosity,your desire,your needs,until your attention is drawn into a different direction;shit,I really don’t care today,but you wouldn’t know anyways.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Respect; Giving It To Get It

  • Ok so I want to touch on the word respect;so many times I’ve heard the words you have to give it to get it. Too many instances I’ve seen regarding this matter,flipping off at the mouth,bruised egos,not enough mental capacity to understand the dynamics of a situation. Now some things should be self explanatory,but again if common sense is lacking well.. I’ve always made it a bet to give respect until I’m disrespected,and even then I’ll handle those situations with tact,there’s a sensible way of doing everything,it’s whether you choose to or not. My elders automatically get respect even the shitty ones just a different aspect of,my parents also,I honor that shit. Today we tend to get weakness mixed up in the definition of respect,consider me weak if you want to,just don’t get it wrong if you catch my drift. There are plenty of people that have dug their way from the trenches,put in work,fought so that my path was clearer,and made great achievements which spark my and many others motivation so it doesn’t take a genius to get that that deserves some level of respect regardless. Get it? I hope so,respect✌🏾

The Secrets That You Keep

I’ve heard of fake it till you make it but damn;don’t put me in a shitty position to have to get critical,put your inconsiderate ass on blast or cut you up so to speak;this my happy zone,space,and you trying to introduce your deceptive bs into that and I don’t know how I feel about all that;I mean to each his own but over here that’s too much man✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾  (For all that may not understand this post. Deception;a dating/social media dynamic issue which seems to be a BIG problem nowadays)     

Mr Clout Chaser

All of this clout chasing,trolling,sneak dissing,leg grabbing,neck biting,thirsty,desperate,genocide,racist,gorilla,low self esteem,mentally challenged antics need to ✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾 don’t be idiots;didn’t your parents teach you better???

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Its Not Cool Anymore;To Trend Or Not To Trend..

When do you loose all your cool points???at what age should you hang up chasing trends,your verbal approach,etc.. Many people feel that after you hit a certain age that style no longer exists,you’re no longer cool,but my opinion is do what works for you,there’s a way to do everything,style never gets old,clothes nor accessories never make the man,it should be vice versa. Some stuff is just ridiculous and self evident or explanatory though,when you know better then you should do better,but that said don’t loose sight of who you are from fear of being yourself. Looking back on some of the stuff that I thought was cool I can’t do anything but “smdh”😏

Younger Older, Older Younger; The Age Gap

In the world that we live in there will always be critical people;my point of view is that I don’t sway either way on this,if it works then it long as it’s not gross or disgusting.So back to my topic;Younger Older?,Older Younger?,I know that we live in a world filled with the judgmental,status quo mentality,but I’m curious,what’s your view🤷🏾‍♂️,would you🤷🏾‍♂️,wouldn’t you🤷🏾‍♂️,have you🤷🏾‍♂️,why?,the pros and cons of it all?

Music,Melodies,Media,Mindfulness,Murder,Madness, Money

This shit is gorilla!..I mean what the hell is going on?!?! Seriously,we’ve all done stupid shit in our lives,said stupid stuff as well,but come on man there has to be a cut off point somewhere;Who said just because something fly’s that it’s justified🤷🏾‍♂️embracing bullshit doesn’t create value,but it does say something about the ones that choose to participate or engage in the Neanderthal antics,rhetoric; It’s crazy out here now,or maybe it’s just that I’m seeing things differently than I use to,I don’t know;I use to look around and laugh at all the things that I use to see,but can’t anymore,this shit isn’t funny in any way,it’s sad to see how things are,how people act towards each other,what are we fighting to achieve?self worth?,dignity?,respect?,the notion of being popular,likability,famous,socially acceptable,because let me say this;if it involves hurting the ones you care about,disgracing yourself or others,senseless violence,what’s the motive?,what’s your gain?,times are forever changing and so will the things around you. It’s easy to pointlessly kill or hurt someone,take the easy way by giving in to status quo,but it’s difficult to find a positive way,way to succeed,way to express yourself,your views,way to get it*. We are not animals man!,but truly victims of our own selfish self inflicted egotistical destructive ass behavior. It’s not enough to latch on like a crab in a barrel,tear down others in order to build yourself up,disregard consciousness in our efforts to maintain,”make it”becoming financially stable shouldn’t be a death sentence,and neither does it have to be,our character defines us;our upbringing molds us;our mindset can either make us or break us,but our actions speak for themselves. Money truly does make the world go round,maybe not the root of all evil,but it does play it’s part very well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I mean come on... Driving Woes

  • Slow the hell down people!!! Riding cars asses,excessive use of your horns,the forcing yourself into traffic via the ending lane routine..take your anxiety medication!!!turn on some easy listening radio,do some deep breathing for Pete sake. Saving a very small amount of time really isn’t not worth the risk,tickets,accidents,besides show a little consideration for others on the roads,what are you saving,a few minutes at the most, come on just leave a few minutes earlier. Wrecklessly Weaving through traffic,excessively speeding only to get stopped at the next red light;geese!..really...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

See me.. Please pay attention

When I decide to write something see it for what it is;no need for pity,feelings of sorrow,although some of my thoughts can seem very bleak or cynical,but that’s realism,it’s ok to see things for what they truly are; there’s a balance there also,even though I share the darker side of life,there’s also a beautiful side,beautiful things,beautiful people which I have had the pleasure or experiencing and there is a reason for all things so why waste time on what if’s and maybes;although I will reiterate this from time to time;if you’re looking to label me,figure me out,not everything that I write about is related to me,is about me,or referring to me,even though this is me;paying attention..🤔😏

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Expectations And Disappointments

  • One rule comes to mind when I decided to share this post,expecting leads to disappointment;overlooking guaranteed things for possibilities and maybes. We will always be selfish no matter what,seeing what the mind wants us to,and acting on those views as well. I’m no stranger to living this way,but lately try to keep an open mind to just about everything trying not to miss out on as much as possible.No hang ups,I’m not fixated on too much of anything anymore,whatever happens happens there’s no rules or stipulations to this because seeing the good things involves trust,honesty,opening up and actually stepping outside of ones comfort zone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Moral Actions

Way too many bosses,way too many posers,way too many bullies,way too many sleazes,way too much counterfeiting,way too much under play,way too many pretenders,way too much pretentious bs,get that hate out of your mind and heart,fear of being hurt or duped blocking your ability to show affection or compassion,avoiding vulnerability,egos embracing false senses of security,personality illusionist, communication is also listening as well as sharing your thoughts,feelings and point of view. I just wish there wasn’t so much shit standing in the way of...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Solid Sentiment

Still trying to figure out what is it of this world that I really value,you know worldly shit;worthy of me putting on a pedestal I’ve found nothing so far,and the only thing that I’ll probably ever really regret is not being a better father

I See You

Something like misfitted,jagged,rough edged,wild souled,transparent yet complex,abstract like a work of art,I possess the ability to hear your deepest emotions,see the things that make you beautiful, but also your inner beauty as well,I just want you to know that,I see you

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Missing Your Mark

We could never all be the same,equal,physically,mentally nor characteristically so I look for success in my shortcomings;have you ever asked yourself the question;what’s wrong with me???when did this stop being enough,I’m talking no fillers,no gimmicks,sometimes it’s all you’ve got so becoming familiar with who you really are can be helpful,but in a world full of eyes seeking beyond what they can see does this have significance? I’ll part with this place has an abundance of opportunity,but what you consider opportunity plays an important role in how and if you seize them and the quality of life you will have as well. What a shame to miss out on *it* by not recognizing or overlooking what *it* is

Thursday, March 8, 2018

No Disrespect Intended

I’m just curious,thinking out loud; if you give off a certain perception,mentality,attitude,persona,portrayal of ,characteristics of,negative imagery..what do we expect to get in terms to how people will perceive us,act towards us,treat us,it can’t be positively. So it’s kind of outlandish to expect anyone to react in any other way given the circumstance,but we just love to shit and wipe our asses with someone else’s hand don’t we;so many examples came to mind;anyway,probably shouldn’t put things out there that you’re not willing to except the consequences for,but being of selfish nature guess we just can’t help it huh

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Erotic, Eclectic, Thoughts Of Desire

Love at first sight huh;Seeking impressive;feeling a bit impersonal all around me;why is impersonating so common;how impractical was that;come on,is it really that important;I do believe first impressions are sometimes overrated,but chemistry,now that’s a different story all together. Some of the most extraordinary things are often overlooked,experiences missed seeking practical,I don’t want practical,yes unpredictable,yes unorthodox,yes passionate,yes sensual sapieosexual,yes uninhibited,I desire perfectly imperfect for me

Sunday, March 4, 2018

I Want You To Want Me

Really,no not really, I’m just playing,saying,doing all the things that represent,present and send all the right signs or signals for you to go into full stalker mode,no;just gaze all over my pic,but I’m classy not trashy though,even though status quo is sexy sells,gets your attention,not to mention every other person is trying,no I mean dying to reach the same thing,but you’re different some how right,your methods show sophistication;you’re above that ghetto shit;well at least selectively until it fits,or suits your needs anyway,so; let’s get realistic,because realistically you’re not

Friday, March 2, 2018

Who Are You???

People tend to surprise me at times,even though I’m a realist so seeing things for what they are is kinda my way.You know I don’t know if I’ve heard this somewhere before or what,but you have to live your life like you’re the star of your own movie;how do you see yourself? what your expectations of you are;because you see people will let you down,people and things do change,yes they do change.. ultimately no one is going to be a bigger contribution or fan to your success,your well being than you. A world of one is a lonely place,so this is not a suggestion to shut anyone out,just an understanding that never get caught up in your feelings because of your thoughts of,feelings of,or your expectations nor ill perceived opinions,perceptions,point of view of others. Every person has to find their own way. I’ve always believed that our roads have already been paved,but how we choose to walk them is up to us