Friday, March 30, 2018

Woke Up Like This

Ever had that day where your heads so far up your own ass that you have no clue what’s up or down;everyone can just kiss your ass;where just a little bit of attention would do,that thing just isn’t coming together like you’d like,that you’re missing something,sometime in your twisted life,someone present or in past terms,maybe you should’ve tried harder,or shouldn’t have,maybe if I act an ass I’d get heard,seen,acknowledged,had a shit load of cash to blow then they’d notice me,yeah;they’d see me then,if I made all the right moves,kissed all the right asses,played it by “the book”,yeah;but for how long;until interest is lost,until I don’t satisfy your curiosity,your desire,your needs,until your attention is drawn into a different direction;shit,I really don’t care today,but you wouldn’t know anyways.

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