Sunday, March 25, 2018

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This shit is gorilla!..I mean what the hell is going on?!?! Seriously,we’ve all done stupid shit in our lives,said stupid stuff as well,but come on man there has to be a cut off point somewhere;Who said just because something fly’s that it’s justified🤷🏾‍♂️embracing bullshit doesn’t create value,but it does say something about the ones that choose to participate or engage in the Neanderthal antics,rhetoric; It’s crazy out here now,or maybe it’s just that I’m seeing things differently than I use to,I don’t know;I use to look around and laugh at all the things that I use to see,but can’t anymore,this shit isn’t funny in any way,it’s sad to see how things are,how people act towards each other,what are we fighting to achieve?self worth?,dignity?,respect?,the notion of being popular,likability,famous,socially acceptable,because let me say this;if it involves hurting the ones you care about,disgracing yourself or others,senseless violence,what’s the motive?,what’s your gain?,times are forever changing and so will the things around you. It’s easy to pointlessly kill or hurt someone,take the easy way by giving in to status quo,but it’s difficult to find a positive way,way to succeed,way to express yourself,your views,way to get it*. We are not animals man!,but truly victims of our own selfish self inflicted egotistical destructive ass behavior. It’s not enough to latch on like a crab in a barrel,tear down others in order to build yourself up,disregard consciousness in our efforts to maintain,”make it”becoming financially stable shouldn’t be a death sentence,and neither does it have to be,our character defines us;our upbringing molds us;our mindset can either make us or break us,but our actions speak for themselves. Money truly does make the world go round,maybe not the root of all evil,but it does play it’s part very well.

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