Monday, June 29, 2015

& You Didn't Know?

I won't take up a lot of your time reading this entry,but why the hell do we keep focusing on such stupid asinine issues? because the more attention you give something the more tweets,shares,likes,follows,comments etc.,what is history?poverty? genocide? gay rights? KKK bullshit? confederate flag? racism? war? Senseless cop killings? It's an age old method of discrediting what we don't or don't want to understand.You all know the truth even if hidden behind lies๐Ÿ˜”   

A Sin Is A Sin?

Everyone seems to go in deep on marriage and gay when it comes to sin. Marriage has been adjusted so much over the years to accommodate,and so has the bible,as well as laws. Why be married if the only reason is to please society?surely individually you can't take anything seriously that has been made a mockery of? I can say that while I am not a basher of the gay lifestyle I will never lay down with the same sex because the pieces of that puzzle just don't fit,I mean to each their own,now a sin is a sin right.. do you share in that opinion?well a lot of people probably do,but it's not because its justifiable,but because it justifies their means. Yes we are all sinners,but just because I'm a sinner doesn't mean that I'm going to go out and murder someone then say "it's okay,we are all sinners in some way" rob someone then say it's okay, because we're all sinners in some way"rape someone then say "it's okay,we are all sinners in some way"so you see while we may all be sinners,created by a higher being under the same basic prototype,notion of what is right or wrong ,the sense to make sound judgment,and consciousness to keep us from going over the edge. But get a clue.. one sin does not justify another!nor should the idea that someone else is sinning comfort  your actions.The two things that I mostly compare life to are chess and a puzzle,why?because chess is all about strategy from your first move to your last,it's all about the moves/choices that you make to get there. The puzzle pieces represents life scrambled,your task to sort it out,and the ability to put together the pieces to reach your big picture/understanding. People.."if it makes sense,it makes sense why ignore that?" Yes we are ALL sinners in some way,but there is a natural order of things that I nor ANY human being walking this earth created/designed that has to account for something.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Drive In Theaters

I can remember back in the day as a little boy my parents taking me to the drive in.. playing on the little playground in front until the movie would start, asking my folks for snacks from the concession stand(those cardboard box containers)now we can tune into a radio station to hear the sound,but I remember those metal poles with the speakers attached where you had to hook the speaker onto the window to hear the sound.. & enjoying great double feature movies until I'd fall asleep.. Good Times ๐Ÿ˜Œ Today I'm talking about supporting our still remaining drive in theaters, the theater that I've had the pleasure of visiting recently was Chilton Twilight Drive-In
& had a great experience,it was a little bit of a drive but a great experience and also trip down memory lane. So if possible seek out a theater near you and catch yourself & family drive in movie experience this summer,& that's what's going on Wisconsin

Doing My Part To Help Stop Cellphone Crooks

Be sure to check any cellphone before just handing your hard earned money to someone! If you're unable to manage to get information on a cellphone that you're interested in buying,possibly from someone off of the street or online this is not only strongly recommend,but the best option aside from meeting at a store that carries that particular brand. Before you make that second party/used cellular purchase you may contact me by email & I will do my best to get you the information about the device in question free of charge asap. Please don't hesitate to follow me,subscribe to me,favorite me,and also share it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Helpful Tips: check your cellphones MEID or IMEI

Need to check your cellphones info?if it's been blocked or blacklisted,if the phone can actually be activated on the phones original carrier,has been reported lost or stolen,if the phone maybe still on a payment plan,here are a few sites that you can visit to do so. The website Swappa offers free checks just enter the numbers & instantly get the information that you need. offers free phone checks also,just select the phones carrier & enter the meid or imei & hit the check button. Here you can check T-Mobile phones . does IMEI checking also. You can also check your cellphones IMEI here all else fails the old fashioned method of collecting the phones MEID,IMEI & calling that phones carrier for the information works also.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I know what you thought but..

Contrary to your beliefs you're not all that,looking in the mirror & telling yourself that you are just doesn't cut it. If you believe that there are not people out there using you,talking behind your back,shoveling you bs because "you're different"what an lol moment. Next time that you're in that mirror please do me a favor and take a closer look, I know that it's easier to play mind games with yourself than admit flaws,I find myself doing it sometimes too.. When I heard the statements"he can do that because of his position/career" or I have to put on this way because of what people may think of me"We've become so obsessed with status that we are willing to accept any bs handed out because of it. I don't give a hell who you are or what you have that doesn't mean anything to me!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some Keys To Healthy Relationships?

Keys to healthy relationships.. No not really,just my two cents worth of opinions. Tip:never over expect, unreachable expectations can destroy any relationship. I will constantly hear the words "in Gods eyes" my answer to that would have to undoubtedly be; if you're not a sinner then I'll listen to you!because even the most self proclaimed holiest of them all are flawed in some way/ways,also if you live your life criticizing someone else for what they've done but justifying your own shady actions no matter how small shame on you.. There is no better or justifiable sin! That being said, one key to a heathy relationship would definitely have to be the physical aspect, not just sex but actually being physically intune with your partner,admit it or not we all are victims of wanting more from our partners physically,no one said you'd act on it,but the feeling is there.Exploration with your partner.. restraint leads to boredom,& FYI, Marriage doesn't or shouldn't feel like a death sentence,everyone deserves to be happy/excited sexually & the more sex the better! Say what you may,but if your partner doesn't agree they are either unattracted to you,unstimulated by you,bored or getting it elsewhere (masturbation or otherwise) communication is another thing I'd say is important also, if you can't even talk to someone then how do you expect to connect with them,understand them,and most importantly coincide with them in any way? I'd love for anyone reading to share their opinion of what they think the recipe to a great relationship is 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Voice Of Change

Sunday, June 14, 2015

How Can I Forgive You(An Eye For An Eye)

Who loves to feel mistreated,misused,abused or be done wrong in any other fashion? I know I don't! forgiving,forgetting,turning the other cheek,letting things go and being the so called bigger person is overrated. I am speaking on this because I know that I go through this same dilemma myself. I hate when someone tells me shit like two wrongs don't make a right,or just let it go.We are constantly drilled that taking the high road is the right thing to do,well maybe it's the bigger thing to do,but not everyone feels this way am I right? It's not easy to get over pain, that hurt feeling, and I'm not one for bottling things up so that other person gets closure or to sleep comfortably,justification for their dastardly actions,more than words,that doesn't  that hardly seem fair at all.. what have I gained?sure forgiveness is a noble gesture,and tells the person that your forgiving that you no longer care about what they've done,that what they've put you through is no longer an issue,but what does it really do for the person that's doing the forgiving?we all love the feeling of getting away with the less than honorable acts that we commit,even though we probably knew what we were doing from the start,it's human nature,but not justifiable by any means. The choice to get over or forgive someone is totally in your hands and everyone is different and will handle it in his or her own way,but know this,while you're being that better person and doing the right thing to do,keep your feelings and well being in mind,also know that if you're not willing to ultimately forget,well you've really never forgave to begin with.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I know sometimes it's difficult to do but..

You have to live within your means! I know it can be hard to do with the desire to have all the things that we see others have,the constant feeling of wanting stuff..and I call it stuff because if you notice a little while after that next big I have to have that moment once that need,want,desire has been met the thrill is gone also,maybe not instantaneous all the time,but somewhere shortly after it's doesn't seem so important anymore. Making sound choices is a phrase often used and easily overlooked and I'll tell you why.. It actually goes back to that programmed statement,we want to feel this way or fit in or even this is what everyone else is doing,wearing,where everyone else is going,actually thinking of consequences before purchasing and weighing needs versus wants helps,"playing broke" is one sure way to keep that cash inside your pocket. If I tell/convinced myself that I don't have it then how can I spend what I don't have? It's easy to say save your money and play it smart with your money,but truthfully is all up to the individual to ultimately make that happen..but if you're tired of being broke but stuck with world full of materialistic and often worthless junk,that feeling of why did I just do that when I knew that I really didn't need to,then maybe,just maybe it's time to take control and adjust this situation.

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    Thursday, June 4, 2015

    This Shit Needs To Stop!

    Race this,race that,police brutality religion wars,genocide... There's something really wrong here,but its too bad most don't and will never know,understand or even put forth effort to get or contribute any form of solution to what that is. I am not a clone..which means I have the ability to think and act differently from others,but if we choose to keep such closed minds nothing will ever change. We are not a race but humanity  racing morality and morality is loosing badly 

    Like Wtf, Omg,Damn..,Or I Can't Believe It!

    That moment when you catch your girl or guy cheating. That moment when you find out chat someone close to you ratted you out. That moment that you found out that you have that disease. The time you almost crashed. The time that you dodged that bullet. The moment that you realize that you have the winning numbers in that lottery. When you figure it out that the baby isn't yours.the moment white people found out we were having a black president. That moment when you find out your favorite idol wasn't who you thought they were. Right before that plane crashes. That moment when you figure it out that your in over your head.that moment your car stops in the middle of nowhere. When you scuff up that new pair of shoes. When you stain that new outfit. When you meet someone that you consider famous. When you've reached climax. When you don't reach climax. When you've been slapped. When you've been spit on. When you catch him scratch his balls then attempt to secretly sniff them. That moment when you catch an ass digger. That moment when you walk inside your door and find out that you've been robbed. The moment you find out he or she likes you. The moment when you get your taxes ripped. That moment when you find out that she's pregnant. Someone special dies. That time you lost that money. When you've figured out that you've locked the keys inside your car. The time that you decided to wear dirty socks and had to take your shoes off. That moment when you find something in your food. The moment moment when you get home at find out your order is wrong.the moment those prison bars slam shut. The first puffs of that fire cannibus.Catching your parents having sex.Finding out your kid is having sex.Life's just full of times and moments so feel free to add to this with comments and follow my blogs 

    Monday, June 1, 2015

    The Concept; Back To The Basics

    There's two ways that you can go about doing that,there's the right way and the other way. You hear people saying that bs let's meet in the middle,comprising,and that agree to disagree bs also,now I don't have anything against getting along nor with solving issues before they escalate, as a matter of fact I'd prefer that. The thing with sweeping shit under a rug is that the trash is still there and in order to get rid of it is to pick it up and throw it out. We all are different, and we are not always going to see things as that other person does so it's very important to make compatible choices,opposites may attract,but guarantee they are a shit load of problems in the long run. Think about it,isn't in the norm to want to subdue or control your opposition? seeking compatibility decreases this problem greatly. We've come a long way from Adam and Eve,Fred and Wilma concept which is okay to a certain degree because some primitive gestures will never die,like women appreciate a man opening her doors right?or it feels good when he waits until you sit before he does, and compliments your attributes right?when he touches you just the way that you like showing that he's paying attention? No guy will ever turn down getting  acknowledged for his accomplishments,being lifted when he's been knocked down,hearing the words baby I have your back, the concept of the women being seductive yet submissive will never die,we love a woman that can cook (not mandatory,but no doubt she can hold it down in the kitchen)there's nothing wrong with a man cooking,cleaning & doing house chores either,but a woman that knows her place is beside her man and not in front of him will always hold. People use terms such as "what do I need a man for?" could you imagine a world full of  just women?lol, I don't have a problem with independent women,just a problem with cocky ones.Success shouldn't be measured by the amount of stuff you acquire,but how fulfilling your life is,not your net worth,but your self worth. The concept of a man and woman being best friends,partners,loyal to each other and all things pertaining will always exist. Being married once is not a myth,nor is monogamous relationships. So you see ,yes we are in ever changing times,but the concept of building has and will always be better starting from the ground up,so back to the basics.

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