Saturday, June 27, 2015

Drive In Theaters

I can remember back in the day as a little boy my parents taking me to the drive in.. playing on the little playground in front until the movie would start, asking my folks for snacks from the concession stand(those cardboard box containers)now we can tune into a radio station to hear the sound,but I remember those metal poles with the speakers attached where you had to hook the speaker onto the window to hear the sound.. & enjoying great double feature movies until I'd fall asleep.. Good Times 😌 Today I'm talking about supporting our still remaining drive in theaters, the theater that I've had the pleasure of visiting recently was Chilton Twilight Drive-In
& had a great experience,it was a little bit of a drive but a great experience and also trip down memory lane. So if possible seek out a theater near you and catch yourself & family drive in movie experience this summer,& that's what's going on Wisconsin

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