Monday, June 29, 2015

A Sin Is A Sin?

Everyone seems to go in deep on marriage and gay when it comes to sin. Marriage has been adjusted so much over the years to accommodate,and so has the bible,as well as laws. Why be married if the only reason is to please society?surely individually you can't take anything seriously that has been made a mockery of? I can say that while I am not a basher of the gay lifestyle I will never lay down with the same sex because the pieces of that puzzle just don't fit,I mean to each their own,now a sin is a sin right.. do you share in that opinion?well a lot of people probably do,but it's not because its justifiable,but because it justifies their means. Yes we are all sinners,but just because I'm a sinner doesn't mean that I'm going to go out and murder someone then say "it's okay,we are all sinners in some way" rob someone then say it's okay, because we're all sinners in some way"rape someone then say "it's okay,we are all sinners in some way"so you see while we may all be sinners,created by a higher being under the same basic prototype,notion of what is right or wrong ,the sense to make sound judgment,and consciousness to keep us from going over the edge. But get a clue.. one sin does not justify another!nor should the idea that someone else is sinning comfort  your actions.The two things that I mostly compare life to are chess and a puzzle,why?because chess is all about strategy from your first move to your last,it's all about the moves/choices that you make to get there. The puzzle pieces represents life scrambled,your task to sort it out,and the ability to put together the pieces to reach your big picture/understanding. People.."if it makes sense,it makes sense why ignore that?" Yes we are ALL sinners in some way,but there is a natural order of things that I nor ANY human being walking this earth created/designed that has to account for something.

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