Monday, June 1, 2015

The Concept; Back To The Basics

There's two ways that you can go about doing that,there's the right way and the other way. You hear people saying that bs let's meet in the middle,comprising,and that agree to disagree bs also,now I don't have anything against getting along nor with solving issues before they escalate, as a matter of fact I'd prefer that. The thing with sweeping shit under a rug is that the trash is still there and in order to get rid of it is to pick it up and throw it out. We all are different, and we are not always going to see things as that other person does so it's very important to make compatible choices,opposites may attract,but guarantee they are a shit load of problems in the long run. Think about it,isn't in the norm to want to subdue or control your opposition? seeking compatibility decreases this problem greatly. We've come a long way from Adam and Eve,Fred and Wilma concept which is okay to a certain degree because some primitive gestures will never die,like women appreciate a man opening her doors right?or it feels good when he waits until you sit before he does, and compliments your attributes right?when he touches you just the way that you like showing that he's paying attention? No guy will ever turn down getting  acknowledged for his accomplishments,being lifted when he's been knocked down,hearing the words baby I have your back, the concept of the women being seductive yet submissive will never die,we love a woman that can cook (not mandatory,but no doubt she can hold it down in the kitchen)there's nothing wrong with a man cooking,cleaning & doing house chores either,but a woman that knows her place is beside her man and not in front of him will always hold. People use terms such as "what do I need a man for?" could you imagine a world full of  just women?lol, I don't have a problem with independent women,just a problem with cocky ones.Success shouldn't be measured by the amount of stuff you acquire,but how fulfilling your life is,not your net worth,but your self worth. The concept of a man and woman being best friends,partners,loyal to each other and all things pertaining will always exist. Being married once is not a myth,nor is monogamous relationships. So you see ,yes we are in ever changing times,but the concept of building has and will always be better starting from the ground up,so back to the basics.

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