Sunday, June 14, 2015

How Can I Forgive You(An Eye For An Eye)

Who loves to feel mistreated,misused,abused or be done wrong in any other fashion? I know I don't! forgiving,forgetting,turning the other cheek,letting things go and being the so called bigger person is overrated. I am speaking on this because I know that I go through this same dilemma myself. I hate when someone tells me shit like two wrongs don't make a right,or just let it go.We are constantly drilled that taking the high road is the right thing to do,well maybe it's the bigger thing to do,but not everyone feels this way am I right? It's not easy to get over pain, that hurt feeling, and I'm not one for bottling things up so that other person gets closure or to sleep comfortably,justification for their dastardly actions,more than words,that doesn't  that hardly seem fair at all.. what have I gained?sure forgiveness is a noble gesture,and tells the person that your forgiving that you no longer care about what they've done,that what they've put you through is no longer an issue,but what does it really do for the person that's doing the forgiving?we all love the feeling of getting away with the less than honorable acts that we commit,even though we probably knew what we were doing from the start,it's human nature,but not justifiable by any means. The choice to get over or forgive someone is totally in your hands and everyone is different and will handle it in his or her own way,but know this,while you're being that better person and doing the right thing to do,keep your feelings and well being in mind,also know that if you're not willing to ultimately forget,well you've really never forgave to begin with.

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