Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Deliciously Connected

In the light,in the dark,I just want to be intertwined with your beautiful soul as your being embodies mine

Monday, June 22, 2020

One Wish

I know this is just wishful thinking,but that’s what stepping out of the line is all about,thinking,that said,if you somehow had/were granted one wish what would you wish for🤷🏾‍♂️ honestly,what would you do with it?

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Online Dating Conversation

Well my thing is that if this bs is where we’re going with the whole dating thing then at least try,try to be honest,realistic and as straight forward as possible. Nothing can be fully figured through a simple profile,& it’s easy to say whatever,be shallow,be desensitized to traditional courting and the dating process behind devices and satellites and shit.Conversation through messages isn’t easy,probably why interest is hard to be established on my end, and probably vice versa, and it’s definitely not the same as face to face contact 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

I Want It All

The good,the bad,the joy,the pain,the happiness,the sorrow,the success,the failure,the love,the hate,intensely,deeply,conviction, the communication,the silence,everything that life has to offer/dish out,I want it all

Relationship Goals

Anytime you need it it’s yours; my mind,my body,my soul,my spirit,my support,my love,let’s grind together and shine together,build something real asf together,hold me,hold me down,my hand tightly and walk through this life of sin with me,making love like it’s the first time every time,when it’s about me and you,it’s just me and you for real for real. Drop a ❤️ in comments if my words solid enough for you

A Stepping Out Of The Line FYI Moment

We are always thinking,wanting,hoping that the world is fixated on us. First off I love all my readers, but I’d like to see more participants in my giveaways,more comments,suggestive thoughts,likes,shares as well as subscribers to the blog. Now back to the regular scheduled program, for all those who get what I’m saying kudos to you,but for all the rest I wanna clarity some points of what stepping out of the line is about. My goal of this blog is ultimately suggestive thinking,about sharing opinions, and helpful information on almost any subject,issue or topic across the board,each one teaching another,conversation,communication and connection. In parting I wanna say that a lot of the shit I post isn’t personal,rather my thoughts on things I’ve seen,heard and yes sometimes been through,but for the purpose of giving/receiving insight,support,or even just a relative point of view. I’m grateful for all the personal contacts I’ve acquired from the stepping out of the lines Promoting Positivity support group endeavor,even though the chat hasn’t caught on yet,so feel free to join that for a shoulder to lean on,insight on difficult issues,and sometimes just talking about something helps us cope better,but hope to see more personal contacts as well as chat group  participants in the future. Peace Love Unity Respect 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Silent Treatment

We all go through it at some point or another,where we have someone that loves to play those silent games. Who’s going to reach out first,who will be the first to give in,that’s doesn’t just pertain to this either,that’s life,not just ever been one to fancy leaving voicemails or repeatedly calling trying to reach one,Let’s be real,this is the age of cellphones and it’s not hard to get in contact with anyone really anymore,unless they don’t want to be reached majority of the time so. Anyhew,just be in thought sometimes and putting this in the air for thought. I’m at a point in my life where a conversation,a connection can miss me,I won’t miss it though.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

At That Point-Thug Passion-Ride Or Die

At this point in my life I need a bad ass bitch(in the most respectable sense) let’s get this money,hold each other down like a ton of fkn bricks, and make love like it’s the end of the world!!! 

Black Lives Matter? Prove It

Shit,reality is a fkn buzz killer isn’t it. Why we always wanting praise,validation for the shit that we should be doing.The number one thing that’s going to correct us is us,1 death,2 deaths,3 deaths,4..,please sir may I have some more, pain doesn’t transfer like energy okay,and you cannot build on a foundation of destruction. I was taught from a young age that white people are bad,same shit happening with police,when we finally break the chains ⛓ that bound us then we reach an elevated way of thinking 🧠🤔. If my value isn’t shit to myself,then how the hell could I expect someone else to value me,from how I choose to dress,talk,my actions,associations,mentality and so on,nigga this,nigga that, genocide,that bs crab mentality,why would I want to destroy the shit/resources that I know I’m going to need?further,how it that going to be replaced/repaired? Yes we’re broken collectively,but it’s said if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains 🏔. If each one teaches one image what we’ll have learned. This universe is made of all the resources needed to function including “We The People” like I’ve said before,this world couldn’t function without everyday people like us,if everyone didn’t exist tomorrow what would there be, would any of this shit matter. Good people exist in every color,and fkd up ones too,but there are more good people than bad so let’s single out the negative and take humanity back on a positive level. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

(A Heavy Price)Speaking Your Mind Shouldn’t Cost You Your Life

We The People make the world go round.Just think,if everyone disappeared from existence tomorrow would any of this shit matter🤷🏾‍♂️🤔Malcolm X,Dr Martin Luther King,Jefferson Pureza Lopes, Jamal Khashoggi,Leslie Ann Pamela, John F. Kennedy,Julius Ceasar, Mahatma" Gandhi, Archduke Franz Ferdinand,John Lennon, Rev. George Lee,

Emmett Louis Till, John Earl Reese, Paul Guihard,William Lewis Moore,Medgar Evers. You see we hate,hurt one another out of greed,selfishness,envy,fear.We senselessly kill one another,take from one another,cause pain to one another,then rally in effort to make change to our own destructive behaviors. Do this math for me;what does hate+hate=? Peace, Love,Unity,Respect isn’t a chore but 

a choice that I choose to routinely incorporate into my life like brushing your teeth. Ignorance isn’t an option from my standpoint,and taking away from ourselves isn’t a solution

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Promise To Tell The Truth & The Whole Truth✋🏾

It’s been real,a lot of people be saying a lot,bragging about being hood,glorifying dumb shit,spending excess time,effort,money,energy trying to reach a ever changing goal line,I don’t want to say pointless to fk up your whole existence,but.. if it doesn’t build you,your brand wtf is it for. Hurt,pain,struggle,disappointment,happens all the time,but when it’s yours everyone,everything’s supposed to stop and recognize that. I’m not proud of any fkd up shit I ever did,fkd up place I ever lived,things I’ve been through,and don’t favor reminiscing that bs either. It’s not about being better than anybody else,just better than my former self🤔

Monday, June 1, 2020

Cut The Bullshit!

Mfs be lacking man frfr, they not gonna tell you shit,but I promise you this is true,just pay attention and you’ll catch it👀 #stopfaking #realtalk honestly everything not meant to be disclosed,but quit lying about the simple shit,make life and your stress levels a lil lighter🤔