Thursday, March 15, 2018

Expectations And Disappointments

  • One rule comes to mind when I decided to share this post,expecting leads to disappointment;overlooking guaranteed things for possibilities and maybes. We will always be selfish no matter what,seeing what the mind wants us to,and acting on those views as well. I’m no stranger to living this way,but lately try to keep an open mind to just about everything trying not to miss out on as much as possible.No hang ups,I’m not fixated on too much of anything anymore,whatever happens happens there’s no rules or stipulations to this because seeing the good things involves trust,honesty,opening up and actually stepping outside of ones comfort zone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Moral Actions

Way too many bosses,way too many posers,way too many bullies,way too many sleazes,way too much counterfeiting,way too much under play,way too many pretenders,way too much pretentious bs,get that hate out of your mind and heart,fear of being hurt or duped blocking your ability to show affection or compassion,avoiding vulnerability,egos embracing false senses of security,personality illusionist, communication is also listening as well as sharing your thoughts,feelings and point of view. I just wish there wasn’t so much shit standing in the way of...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Solid Sentiment

Still trying to figure out what is it of this world that I really value,you know worldly shit;worthy of me putting on a pedestal I’ve found nothing so far,and the only thing that I’ll probably ever really regret is not being a better father

I See You

Something like misfitted,jagged,rough edged,wild souled,transparent yet complex,abstract like a work of art,I possess the ability to hear your deepest emotions,see the things that make you beautiful, but also your inner beauty as well,I just want you to know that,I see you

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Missing Your Mark

We could never all be the same,equal,physically,mentally nor characteristically so I look for success in my shortcomings;have you ever asked yourself the question;what’s wrong with me???when did this stop being enough,I’m talking no fillers,no gimmicks,sometimes it’s all you’ve got so becoming familiar with who you really are can be helpful,but in a world full of eyes seeking beyond what they can see does this have significance? I’ll part with this place has an abundance of opportunity,but what you consider opportunity plays an important role in how and if you seize them and the quality of life you will have as well. What a shame to miss out on *it* by not recognizing or overlooking what *it* is

Thursday, March 8, 2018

No Disrespect Intended

I’m just curious,thinking out loud; if you give off a certain perception,mentality,attitude,persona,portrayal of ,characteristics of,negative imagery..what do we expect to get in terms to how people will perceive us,act towards us,treat us,it can’t be positively. So it’s kind of outlandish to expect anyone to react in any other way given the circumstance,but we just love to shit and wipe our asses with someone else’s hand don’t we;so many examples came to mind;anyway,probably shouldn’t put things out there that you’re not willing to except the consequences for,but being of selfish nature guess we just can’t help it huh

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Erotic, Eclectic, Thoughts Of Desire

Love at first sight huh;Seeking impressive;feeling a bit impersonal all around me;why is impersonating so common;how impractical was that;come on,is it really that important;I do believe first impressions are sometimes overrated,but chemistry,now that’s a different story all together. Some of the most extraordinary things are often overlooked,experiences missed seeking practical,I don’t want practical,yes unpredictable,yes unorthodox,yes passionate,yes sensual sapieosexual,yes uninhibited,I desire perfectly imperfect for me