Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Valentines Day Tribute😘

Something like special,damn she’s so fn nontraditional sexy,and I’m not just talking looks,everything about you just makes me wish I could jump inside of you and live in your beautiful aura🥰  sending love and a Happy Valentines Day to all you beautiful women of the world 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Posting Affiliate Links To Facebook

Today I found myself stuck after trying to add a specific link to my Facebook post,the message that I received was that it broke Facebook community guidelines so it was blocked,couldn’t see why,it wasn’t spam. So I did a little researching and ran across a site that alters the content of the link that you’re trying to post so that it’s presentable for Facebook and long story short my post is now up. Check out and be sure to comment,like,share if it was helpful to you as well

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Going Through, Understanding, Perseverance, Those Hard Times

I woke up this morning and from the start felt some kind of way ,one mishap after another,man my luck couldn’t be this bad,mind thrown I proceeded to make mistakes that I would never normally make,now I’m in a place where the anger and frustration become thoughts of transferred energy,what would my next move be,I chose to turn that bs into a positive,it could always be worse and some people are really going through things that are definitely that so... think about it 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Facebook Desktop Website Login?

I thought this would be helpful seeing as how I tend to need this link when logging in to Facebook on my cellphone,you willing automatically get the mobile version,but sometimes you can’t see or access everything on the mobile version right,so follow this link you can bookmark this for easy access in the future and don’t forget to hit that follow button for blog updates and chances to win free giveaway prizes as well,also #follow #like #comment #share on my other endeavors on #Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram under #iamantwanfallenangelflowers or antwanfallenangel all of my site pages are available on this blog as well. Thanks for stopping by🙏🏾 and as always peace,love,unity and respect

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Looking In On Men And Women

I’m by no means a #feminist nor a #chauvinist ,and I’ve definitely given my share of bs to this universe😔but a large percentage of #women love to cry about finding #real , #love , #relationships #relationshipgoals men aint shit,#blah .. coming off as #angry #conceited #crazy sometimes, #overbearing #superficial #shallow ,confusing and contradicting in their actions and character. #honesty man🤦🏾‍♂️...🤷🏾‍♂️ hey a lot of these #men #boys #guys #dudes out here are #ridiculous #thirsty #disrespectful etc. but what are you gonna do.. but keep in mind that you have the power to #control what you accept from us🤔 #see further.. #communicate more ,those #possibilities 🤔 #writing #qoutes 💪🏾#words

Sunday, December 23, 2018

What’s Love But Feelings Of Feelings Of Things That..

I love it when;you look at me and smile that way,you put your hand on my arm near my shoulder if we cool like that,matter of fact the way you act cool,confident with who you are,take your time and in the moments,can be so complex,crazy,compassionate conscious,you can enjoy the simple things in life,we can talk to one another,share a real conversation taking in each other’s points of view,how selfish yet selfless you can be,your not afraid to be wrong,show your true feelings,learn,you’re being considerate of others,being honest and straight forward,you’re just in that moment,being spontaneous and carefree,simple,modest and humble,affectionate and attentive,you look me in the eyes when speaking,shake my hand firmly,kiss me like it’s your last.Don’t assume that everything that I say is about you,this isn’t a personal love poem, but a written love of people and things because most of all I love it when you can express yourself😍 Peace✌🏾 Love💙 Unity🤝 Respect ✊🏾🙏🏾

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


I want to take time to show gratitude to all who have visited my blog,likes to my Facebook pages,group members,Instagram post likes comments and followers as well. All I aim to do is awaken thoughts and add a different perspective,push communication while trying not to adhere to any labels in the process. Back on the subject of this post,while washing dishes this morning some stuff crossed my mind,and there were a few conversations between several people that led me to focus on the word entitlement,now the reason for that word is the fact that so many of us walk around with the mentality that I’m entitled,I use to feel that way until I took a step back and reviewed myself and what effect that thought process had on others and let me tell you that was a wake up call. This world belongs to no one,we are all tourists here,and all these beautiful simple things are all gifts which we’re overlooking but blessed to be a part of. So entitlement ;I use to get pissed when someone wouldn’t agree with me,if I felt that it was something that I deserved,when I didn’t get my way,but truthfully man that was all bs,everyone has a situation,a past,a future, and everyone has problems,everyone is just trying to figure it all out just like you,words in regards to your feelings should be chosen carefully because they do have an effect on an outcome. While you think that you’re right,there’s a whole other side to that,and bonds get broken,people lose sight of what’s important,time gets lost,wasted,and know that there are some things that you just can’t come back from,some things are not replaceable,and all for what a lack of honesty,lack of communication,the inability to see past insignificant things,the world does not revolve around anyone,but the spectacular now is what should be important. Why the hell you trying to prove yourself to someone who just sees you for you, and if that’s not the case move that negativity out,the universe will unfold something greater,but only if you open up to the possibilities. Reality is real and so if life,and we only get one here until I’m proven otherwise,so I hope that if you’re one stuck on yourself that you recognize,realize and react accordingly