Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Patronage Is Solidification

Walking alone isn’t bad if you know where you’re going. Ain’t it funny how it takes a person to already be “on top” solidifying themselves, to get anywhere with everyday people 🤔😮‍💨 💯s in comments if you catch/feel me on this

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Importance Of Sleep 🛌 😴 💤 Some Benefits Of Proper Rest

I ran into an issue which triggered me to speak on this,so in this one I’m just going to stress the things that getting proper sleep or rest can offer.
  1.  Less health issues 
  2. Less stress 
  3. Could improve weight 
  4. Could lower blood pressure 
  5. Could improve mental function
  6. Could improve mood
  7. Up your energy level
  8. Improve your sexual appetite

Nerve Pain , Tooth Pain , Pain Remedy , Body Pain Relief , Body Pressure Points

So I’m always trying to provide information that may be helpful to someone. This entry is regarding pain and a way that I find relief in some cases. I am not saying that this is some miraculous thing that will solve all your issues or problems l,but in some instances it does have its purpose,it has stopped the pain for me. The temple’s or temporal muscles of your head are one set of pressure points, which if rubbed or pressed can provide relief due to their connection with certain nerve receptors in connection with the brain. I was having tooth pain on my right side of my mouth and I pressed my right temple and after some time the pain was gone. This is just a temporary fix so if it does work for you I’d advise you to as soon as possible get the issue resolved,but if you found it helpful don’t hesitate to join my followers,check out and engage on my other social media campaigns and check out my store as well.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

How To Resize Images For Walmart Marketplace Store Storefront

Go to retoucher online scroll down to resize image and you’ll see a drop down menu which says for YouTube banner click on that and choose the best or closest size to the Walmart specifications for logo image and create that one,download that image then resize it to the correct Walmart size requirements and it should give you the desired image that you’re looking for without distorting your image 

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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Is It Needy? Is It Nosey, Is it Love, Is It Crazy?

I talk about any and everything remember... The art of manipulation is very real,very real in life situations,very real in relationships as well. You are the culprit, my mirror has fogged up as if I just got done taking a hot shower 😏 When a mind is filled with impurities I in my opinion don’t think it functions properly anymore, I think you lose something in every negative thing,it’s not like a regeneration thing where it just grows back either,once it’s gone it’s gone,like once it’s done it can’t be undone. How do you feel when you just can’t understand something,someone’s mentality,someone’s mental health. Damage that can’t be reversed is like negative energy,it’s never gone merely transferred from one thing to another,ongoing with a path of destruction.When you hear the words,”You Don’t Love Me!”and your response is “I Do”..“Everything Is About You!”and your response is”It’s Not”.. “You Don’t Hug Me Enough!” and your response is “I Do”..“You Don’t Touch Me Enough!” and your response is “I Do”..“You're Always Putting Me Down!”and your response is “I’m Not”,now after all this is said and done where’s my intimacy?!?!? and your response is “huh”… Well If you’re looking for a right and a wrong in this that’s probably a problem,because resolution is the only solution in my opinion.