Monday, June 11, 2018

A Mans World, A Woman’s Worth

Women quit selling yourself short then getting pissed that you get labels,perceptions,and negative treatment. I’m curious;is that the reason that the majority of women walk around all prematurely defensive,cocky,insecure,overbearingly confident🤷🏾‍♂️Okay sure,only god can judge you right;but the power that you possess to control that situation is undeniable,forgiveness and justification only becomes an option or need once there is a reason for that,avoiding that element eliminates that need

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tip Of The Iceberg

The power is in people,in case you didn’t see or recognize that,subliminal messages,deferring tactics,media programming,I agree with Kanye West on one thing,because man slavery is a choice at this point in time,and just because we come from slum bs,ignorant generational traditions don’t necessarily mean that hat we have to adhere to that self destructive culture or behavior. The desire to be in demand,losing self respect to gain public approval or appeal,men acting like women,women acting like men,the undercover brotha syndrome,genocide for popularity🤔 how can I say that I embrace my race if I’m willing to senselessly kill one of my own nationality,humiliate anyone just to gain the respect of people who thrive on turmoil,thrive on controversy,I’m well aware that shit that makes people think will not be what’s up,but who gives a fk though;it’s easy to say what’s popular or people want to hear,its easy to use excuses to hurt people rather than to uplift them,it’s easier to take a short destructive trip rather than a long successful journey. Not all pictures will be painted pretty,some are abstract and take a little more time to see the bigger...

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Name Drops

Okay so I just came up with this segment of my blog which I decided to call name drops;so every so often I’ll drop something pertaining to something media based about someone that I consider worth mentioning and you guys can share your thoughts on it.Now while I don’t really fancy promoting content whether good or bad I figure I’d give my readers a little something different to break up the monotony. That being said I want to talk about J Prince and his new book The Art & Science Of Respect; I’ve always been an admirer of J since he first publicly appeared on the scene as CEO of Rap A Lot Records and his first main stream group The Ghetto Boys back in 1986,he has an extensive resume from a multitude of other acts as well as a hand in boxing as well as community contributions also. J prince is well known as a big influence in the music industry and his get things done mentality or reputation isn’t just talk. For me the act of making something from nothing,the ability to remain humble in the process,the act of sharing,knowledge etc wins my respect hands down ,and when we talk about respect many people don’t get what it really means,and a large percentage of people just lack the ability to,that said,I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet,but how many of you think that you’ll purchase his book?and once you’ve read  it what’s your thoughts on it as well? 

Monday, May 28, 2018

💙Love ✌🏾 Peace 😌Positivity 🧘🏾‍♂️Good Vibes ❌⭕️Hugs And Kisses❌⭕️

I was just sitting here thinking,and thought I’d share some of my ways to preserve mental stability,sanity,thought span,a healthy mind,a healthy body,a healthy life.One way is to make sound choices,arguments are toxic in my book,fighting,knowing when to,from what to wear,eat,daily routines limit overthinking and mental stress as well limiting the extras,if you’re going out of your way to whatever chances are it’s probably not needed or excessive.Expand your eating range,smaller meals spaced out,now you don’t have to go healthy crazy,easing up on the fast food,the ease of fast food access literally can control your mind,we know it’s not good for us,but the thought of being able to grab and go overrides sensibility,there are better choices and options that won’t kill you on time and effort with just a little bit of preplanning,what we put in our bodies does affect how it functions. Going easy on the alcohol,a hard one for me,but goes without saying the health benefits.Protecting your mind,the things that you hear and choose to let inside of your head,take your focus will do exactly that,there’s no point in wasting brain energy on things that can’t be controlled,avoided or prevented right?Stretch,stretching maybe 10 minutes a day,this relaxes you,gets the blood flowing and also keeps the body more limber as well.Reading,I’m not saying go full on bookworm,but a chapter,a paragraph,something simple to keep the mind exercising on some level definitely makes a difference.Lemon water,although simple you’d be surprised of the benefits this little tweak possesses.Sex,yes sexual contact,stimulation is an important part as well,a release can work wonders on your overall mental mindset,lessening tension,exercise and I myself tend to be a lot more focused as a result.Communication, conversation,connecting with others positively is very healthy. Our everyday lives will always be filled with choices so common sense in choosing wisely.Maybe this will be helpful,I’ll end this one with saying see things for what they are,not what you wish they were or want you want them to be

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Written In Stone

every since I was a little boy I always knew that I was meant for some purpose;always going my own way,always doing things different,seeing things differently than the rest of my peers,family,friends or what have you. Growing up,I relocated a lot,& I mean a lot of back and forth,different experiences,schools,friends,neighborhoods, you don’t know until you know;adjusting;that’s what it was all about,fitting in,from the streets of Charleston MS,those cold streets of Chicago and a few places in between,shots out to Michigan, Tennessee,Atlanta,New York...from those grimy project hallways to those dusty dirt roads,slanging from the matchbox to stickup licks to come up,those who’ve lived it get it,there’s a method to my madness,my pain really exists and not through something that I’ve seen on tv,but through the reality that lays deep inside of me,so yeah I can speak,is it fair as a child to be prayed upon,not understanding,innocence stripped away,there is no replay man,we can’t hide from who we are,where we’ve been or what we’ve been through,but if I never said a word would you know,matter of fact do you care; my world has forced me to feel like I really don’t give a shit either way,if I have something to say I’m going to get it off,we cry and turn to destructive ways to hide the hurt and sit comfortably behind justifications,but at the end of the day we can’t hide from ourselves. Shit hurts;my heart has been stitched up many times,and I value pain because it’s real. I’ve lost parts of me literally that I can never get back,missed opportunities,yes I’ve met and sat next to stars,big time influential people,but what does that mean?I have met some beautiful people,people who’ve taught me things,helped me along the way,and who will always be apart of me,if only you could have been there;through the hard times,the confusion,seeing things through my eyes,from the shows,the parties,the late night studio sessions,the gun play,the jail time,the shopping sprees,the time that I first held my daughter in my arms,the hood fights,the times when I needed you the most,it was never fun watching mom struggle once pops left,it was never fun falling into the same bs that seems to plague the young ethnic population,it wasn’t fun seeing those blood stains on the concrete, so excuse me if my mentality is that most people are constantly on bs,fk status quo,and you can fight with yourself,my character is consistently unorthodox and that tombstone shit,my life’s work is to at some point have life’s worth

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It Is What It Is

Why should I inhibit myself because of your perception of me or the way that life should be. Fk your thoughts when they involve hindering or distorting my journeys path,my life success,me being myself. Fk your feelings when they don’t involve me, I mean if they don’t include sensitivity towards mine as well,acknowledgement that regardless of however you’re feeling that doesn’t cloud sound judgement as far as I’m concerned;it’s okay to be selfish,especially when the world is so damn self absorbed, I guess I can appreciate the selflessness in you, but it’s only when it’s on the board?🤔 personally I think personality flaws are universal so..I say this nonjudgmental,none bias,so open minded right now, so self aware,free from dictatorship,hastily firing blind shots in the wrong direction,seeking misguided guidance could never be me;accountability.. bridges are not always burned,some just get old and can’t be crossed unless repaired if at all possible.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This Is America

Anyone who follows my mind knows that I could give a sh** less about a bunch of this bs considered in demand or popular,I’m not a big fan of representing or uplifting baseless social media hype either,but #DonaldGlover has gotten my attention on some of his work,that #ThisIsAmerica joint is deep,a lot of people won’t get it because as I’ve said before a lot of people lack the capacity or capability. We are quick to jump on status quo;turn a light on and you begin to see a lot of things that the dark hides,but even then is it understanding or just trending;in a matter of time it’s always been on to the next popular thing