Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Failure To Communicate

Why must we always make everything more complicated than it has to be?a little communication,that’s all it takes;open your mouth up and speaking your mind does wonders in many over complicated situations,things that get blown totally out of proportion when just being forthright or forthcoming. The heart is a very deceiving anatomy,do as you feel or as as your mind tells you,the dilemma huh..well I’m sure being outspoken can cause uneasy feelings,but lying creates a messy aftermath in my opinion,and it may not always be directly nor immediately either. Not to pound the issue I’ll wrap this post up by saying don’t be a dick so to speak,give that individual the respect you would expect and keep it real with them the situation and yourself and just be honest from the gate and communicate for petesake,it doesn’t require much

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Meanwhile...Holding To The Traditional Spirit

I want to kick off this post by saying thank you to all the family and friends that called,texted to let me know I was in your thoughts,the gifts as well though not expecte. As you all who know me may know,I have a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to holidays,seasonal status quo,traditionally motivated yet empty in emotion displays or gestures of affection. While everyone isn’t caught up in outdoing,satisfying the hype it has clearly become a definite shit show when it comes to the overwhelming desire to keep to protocols of what seems to be keeping to the spiritual aspects of it all.A bunch of irate individuals scrambling to find that perfect gift,that perfect gift that never seems to be enough,that special someone to spend the holidays with,that perfect dinner with family and friends that seems to always be not so perfect,that overwhelming desire to actually achieve anything near any of that,but you have pictures and videos to prove it right;rhetorical..but all the while right under your nose is the fact that you’re here,the fact that there is someone out there less fortunate than you,in worse health than you or even worse not here to even enjoy just that simple little fact. The true meaning of Christmas;the true meaning of caring for someone;the true meaning of family,one word,simplicity..give from the heart,care for one another as if you will never get another chance to,appreciate the things that you hold dear,stay humble. Happy Holidays readers

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Evil Within

Sometimes things just need to be said..minus the feelings,who you think you are,what you going through,fear of reactions,now while I hate to bring negative into my positive circle,well..fake seems the new cool,blood in blood out huh,more like blood will sell you out;I admire anyone that can keep it together under critical conditions,hold their own when there really isn’t anything to hold,remains non biased in situations that are clearly complicated from the outside looking in. I only associate with a few people personal,but the rest is business,personal gain,but family,hmmm; family;while should represent togetherness and a safe haven can in fact create some of the most toxic energy you’ve ever seen nowadays you have to treat some of your own like ghosts or fall victim to their fuckery. Yeah yeah yeah I know,nobody is perfect,but striving for the opposite shouldn’t be your goal either. Trust me I’ve heard it all.. so trying to sway me to your wicked,destructive,deceptive,cunningly corrupt point of view is futile,while cut throat there is a method to my madness,if it were in the line then it wouldn’t be considered madness huh;keep praying hoping for resolution,keep believing in that things will present a amicable solution,keep working hard towards doing the “right” things,most of all stay positive in all of this negative energy circulating around you and remember that if you don’t have your own health and sanity you really have nothing,and nothing to offer anyone else either for that matter.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dating;The Perfect One;The Ugly Truth

I swear nowadays it’s hard as hell to build a relationship,all the emotional baggage,the high maintenance,the over demanding,the inflation in egos,the misinformation leading to inflation of heads. Hey,how about lowering the bar a little;now I’m not saying throw out core values ,standards and principles,but if everyone was a 10 then the world would be perfect but everyone isn’t,and the worlds not. There are some very interesting people beyond our perfect little boxes containing what we think the perfect partner should be or is;stepping out of the line­čśĆor our comfort zone and opening up to different possibilities could have a profound impact on our happiness;don’t,and Hmm I wonder why you’re so bitter and alone,overprotective of your feelings or find yourself swimming in the same ole murky waters called disappointment­čĄö there’s no reason you should be when you keep entering situations knowing they’re going to fail..that aside back to perfect; “know your worth”now that doesn’t mean that you’re a supermodel no matter what it just means don’t belittle yourself,lest face it we are not all supermodel material,so it’s about sticking to strengths,but not being “ugly obnoxious”when you’re trying to throw fish back based on looks,status etc I hope that your mirror image matches your point of view.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I can’t hear you if you’re not saying anything

I’m not worried that you will not like me,I’m not worried about you perceptions of me either;but what worries me is what I don’t do or don’t say from insecurities of any circumstances or consequences that may or may not follow. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion,it may or may not be relevant,but you’ll never know if you keep quiet.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Art Of Losing Weight,Losing Weight,Fast Weight Loss

There really is no miracles when it comes to weight loss;If losing weight seems like a chore or job that’s because it is;it’s like taking out the garbage,or washing dishes or doing something like going to work or your laundry,If you’re not dedicated to a regular plan or routine things won’t get done right? so if you’re not prepared to set a plan and actually stick to it you will never get results. Moderation,restraint,willpower,and your level of determination will all play an important part in your journey. The mind is a very powerful thing;it can either work for you or against you in achieving your goal weight. Constantly repeating to yourself” I can do this”, “this is what i want” a weak mind is a weak body;if your mind can’t commit neither can your body. It really doesn’t matter so much what you’re eating,it’s not about quantity;now some people may take that the wrong way and think that burgers,pizza,etc is free game because I said that,that’s not what I mean,I’m saying that a well thought out diet can consist of some bad foods in small portions as well as doses. Allowing yourself time to digest meals will make a significant difference in weight loss. Three to four small meals a day,one reset or cheat day,moderate exercise along with a glass of aloe juice a day for one week of every month,lemon water the same every other week. Clearly you want to steer clear of soda,and sugary drinks and invest in more water if you can commit to a better you then there’s no way that you’ll lose,well no way that you won’t lose.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Check In

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