Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dating;The Perfect One;The Ugly Truth

I swear nowadays it’s hard as hell to build a relationship,all the emotional baggage,the high maintenance,the over demanding,the inflation in egos,the misinformation leading to inflation of heads. Hey,how about lowering the bar a little;now I’m not saying throw out core values ,standards and principles,but if everyone was a 10 then the world would be perfect but everyone isn’t,and the worlds not. There are some very interesting people beyond our perfect little boxes containing what we think the perfect partner should be or is;stepping out of the line­čśĆor our comfort zone and opening up to different possibilities could have a profound impact on our happiness;don’t,and Hmm I wonder why you’re so bitter and alone,overprotective of your feelings or find yourself swimming in the same ole murky waters called disappointment­čĄö there’s no reason you should be when you keep entering situations knowing they’re going to fail..that aside back to perfect; “know your worth”now that doesn’t mean that you’re a supermodel no matter what it just means don’t belittle yourself,lest face it we are not all supermodel material,so it’s about sticking to strengths,but not being “ugly obnoxious”when you’re trying to throw fish back based on looks,status etc I hope that your mirror image matches your point of view.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I can’t hear you if you’re not saying anything

I’m not worried that you will not like me,I’m not worried about you perceptions of me either;but what worries me is what I don’t do or don’t say from insecurities of any circumstances or consequences that may or may not follow. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion,it may or may not be relevant,but you’ll never know if you keep quiet.