Wednesday, August 24, 2016


We tend to grasp onto to suitable knowledge which only supports us and validates our feelings,knowledge contains truth which means sometimes it will hurt to hear and all lessons won't be easily learned

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's Hard..(A Male Relationship Perspective)

THIS IS NOT A FEMALE BASHING POST!!! It can be very hard building new relationships as you get older would you agree?. When you're younger everything is so carefree,but as time progresses & that female has put herself out there for so long,been in countless dead end relationships or situations which has left her now damaged or psychologically unprepared to adapt to new circumstances without bitterness,a self conscious and uncompromising attitude.Some of which I've talked about before in previous posts choices do count, in short,the life that you want for yourself is the type of life you should lead. A man does NOT want to feel like he has to fix years of issues which you've had in your past,relive your past nor be compared to any of your past relations/situations. I as a man believe that every relationship should start from the beginning and build forward positively, not backwards..and a big part of that is looking towards your future instead of dwelling in your past. Not one person is perfect,but we all possess the ability to be the best person that we can be if we want to,key being if we want to. I

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Poll? Relationship Comfort Zone

How long do you feel is an adequate time to start "relaxing" in your relationship? How far? Also feel free to share a story with my viewers as well☺️

Dieting & The Stress Attached

Today I want to speak on the pain of loosing weight. Eating healthy should be a way of life and not just a way to loose weight. Starving yourself to me is not what a diet means,to me it's a change in portion and also the type of foods that I'm consuming. I mean I've lost 55 pounds and let me tell you this;it has been an interesting journey I'll say that.. watching everyone around you eat as they see fit,passing by those old eat spots and resisting the temptation to stop in and have that burger,pizza or ice cream etc. not to mention all those damn mouth watering commercials playing constantly on tv as well. You most definitely have to have the determination and drive to achieve it or believe me you will slip back! And with all that said,the end result is very worth it the appearance,being able to find those clothes that were always either too big or all picked over on the rack feels good..not to mention the great health benefits as well. I know that it's hard,but if it's what you want give it your all because nothing worth it in life is ever really easy is it?Dont forget to drink plenty of water,eating a bunch of fat free and low calorie items doesn't necessarily mean healthy contribution to your weight loss goals,leave the processed & sugar filled items on the shelf and most of all remain diligent in your efforts and you will succeed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Secrets That We Keep

I want to play a game..Lies are toxic,childish,and we all know the old saying"the worst lies are the ones that we tell ourselves"right? That said,this game is about the secrets that we keep. How many of us are fearless enough to take one of those dirty lies that we've been keeping & reveal it to that one person that it would presumably hurt to know or destroy the perception that others have of us? I mean,if it's all based on lies anyway what is a perception anyways?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Wake Up Call

How could you walk around quoting how "I don't care what people think about me"only God can judge me"NEWS FLASH.. If you give people things to judge they will!!! If you doing unsavory despicable acts and carrying yourself in an inappropriate respectless undignified way then  how are people supposed to view you?Its time to humble it up!start to show some restraint!start to have some conviction attached to our actions! P.S. "Only God Can Judge Me" should be a statement used only by someone who actually believes in him..not thrown around to justify your wrong doings Share with anyone if it's amen to this ghetto gospel ⛪️

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clarity Not Easily Achieved

I just want to tell any and everyone that I can that may be going thru situations in their life,pain,hurt,sorrow or anything that you may be facing. I have to tell myself constantly that God will not put anymore on us than we can handle. We can't  and will not understand everything,but there is peace that passes understanding,life can be difficult at times and it can seem pointless to go on. You have to find that fight within yourself,your light,everything has reason,clarity isn't instant,but faith is. What's the definition of faith?. Not all things pass,but it's the life that you lead while waiting that's key.


How can I change if I'm doing the same ole thang,running with the same ole people,doing the same things they do,change is a process yes,but at some time that process has to move forward,not back,no turning back man!,because there my soul was lacking,same ole people,same ole places,same negative ass vibes,same ole faces.I refuse to let he or she define me,inter twine me,hold me,mold me in their image,no way can I claim perfect,no way am I without blemish,but no longer will I walk that same ole walk,it's pointless to talk, if your steps don't reflect that so called"change.  AntwanFallenAngelFlowers-

Friday, August 5, 2016

Not Just Making Babies

Ever here the statement "It was a mistake ever getting involved with him or her? & while it's sad that some people don't understand that having kids is a serious matter & just see that selfish "I want to have a baby"bs.. things like the inability to cope,resolve issues,reintroducing that child to a new way of life if a situation or relationship doesn't work out never occurs to many when having sex,making babies. Some are just not stable enough to make those choices correctly.A lot tend to get caught up in that five seconds of glamour and not rationalize the scenerio futuristically. What if this doesn't work out?,what if my feelings change?,what if the person I'm with changes?, what if the person I'm with doesn't want the same things that I do?what kind of situation am I bringing a child into?is what I'm doing going to effect my child in any way?am I able to give my child the necessary things that he or she needs to to make it through successfully into adulthood? Relationship wise,the art of compromise and working through issues has been lost,because we're lost.Its so easy to say the words this is not working to I'll just do something different which is fine from a self motivated stand point,no one wants to be unhappy,unhealthy,and this isn't the way God intended us to be nor wants for us either. When we make our decisions they are usually from a what we need standpoint,but from a child's standpoint how do they feel?a relationship,partnership etc. cannot be forced,but neither can the outcome of a separation from situations.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Self Awareness Check

I sometimes wonder to myself if that person talking to me even thought about the the words spoken before saying them. It's not hard to spot lies because they reveal themselves. So I wanted to do a self awareness routine. Try thinking about your words before they flow from your tongue,if possible have conversations with yourself before speaking your mind/thoughts to others because if it's not acceptable to you then chances are it will be the same for the person or people you're saying it to. I mean if you can't be truthful with yourself then who can you be truthful with?


When you find yourself in turmoil or that difficult time in your life try the method of pushing past your limits,we seem to think  that same ole thought pattern that "oh man I can't take anymore","this is hopeless","I can't go on",but you know the saying that "God will not put anything on you that you can't handle",not saying that I don't struggle with the same issues in my life,but I'm working on a better me everyday.Sometimes a life altering situation is just what we need to wake up,light that fire,put us right where we need to be to receive our blessings!, So in times of pain think perseverance because we are stronger than we think it's just believing it where the issue lies. With believing comes clarity,with clarity comes self awareness,and with self awareness comes success within yourself.