Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dieting & The Stress Attached

Today I want to speak on the pain of loosing weight. Eating healthy should be a way of life and not just a way to loose weight. Starving yourself to me is not what a diet means,to me it's a change in portion and also the type of foods that I'm consuming. I mean I've lost 55 pounds and let me tell you this;it has been an interesting journey I'll say that.. watching everyone around you eat as they see fit,passing by those old eat spots and resisting the temptation to stop in and have that burger,pizza or ice cream etc. not to mention all those damn mouth watering commercials playing constantly on tv as well. You most definitely have to have the determination and drive to achieve it or believe me you will slip back! And with all that said,the end result is very worth it the appearance,being able to find those clothes that were always either too big or all picked over on the rack feels good..not to mention the great health benefits as well. I know that it's hard,but if it's what you want give it your all because nothing worth it in life is ever really easy is it?Dont forget to drink plenty of water,eating a bunch of fat free and low calorie items doesn't necessarily mean healthy contribution to your weight loss goals,leave the processed & sugar filled items on the shelf and most of all remain diligent in your efforts and you will succeed.

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