Wednesday, September 18, 2019

On My Aggressive Behavior

Hmmm quite often my first thought of resolution comes to aggressive behavior,even though a thought is just a thought until action is carried out.First off I’m very sympathetic to depression,anxiety ,conditions of the mind are very real and can be very self destructive as well. When I see people angry all the time,with shitty attitudes,and the desire to transfer that negative shit on to me,to you I say with a BIG smile;my condolences to your positive energy and a big kiss my ass in the pass because I will never give you that kind of time,energy nor thought into figuring you out so hopefully you do.Above all,Peace,Love,Unity,Respect,but if all fails you do whatever it is your doing,and I’ll continue to do me

Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Long Time..Break, A Focal Point

Sometimes I be getting lazy as hell,I took this week off to focus up,read a little,drink a little,eat some unhealthy bs food,and get my mode up,let me tell you it’s okay.You ever had a thought;a thought that things have gotten weird,out of line,out of control,sometimes I feel like I’m floating on marshmallows,shit man you can’t buy this feeling,hey where you at when consciousness trying to connect,I can admit that sometimes I fall asleep when you’re dead set on me seeing things your way,but I’m there,lol complete yet complicated,I remember when some of that bs that you use to kick to me made sense or was it just my infatuation,admiration clouding my judgement,upside down,right side up,im just looking for something solid,something transparent,let’s talk about it if it’ll make things happen,what does it mean if I tell you who I am if it just a coverup,if ts not good enough,but crazy as shit it I’m all wrapped up in it,this life thing,I’m in deep now,invested,so I’m trying to figure out how not to waste this shit for real.Comment,hit me up whatever 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Like Apple Pies Vanilla Ice Cream And Sunrises..

Why would I tell you that when it’s probably going to put me in a place of vulnerability,somewhat at a disadvantage emotionally,idk why you keep thinking that the words that I’m saying have meaning;I’m meaning personally,I’m impersonal when it comes to making better decisions,regardless of the outcome,especially in your favor,when you’re not my favorite person,but few are, thoughts get deeper when I sleep nowadays because my mind is forever going,elevation,I say shit like you elevate when you start to see things in a broader mindset,enlightenment is everywhere,I be trying to keep it short,but most of the time a minute is just not long enough,to connect,communicate,clearly say what I’m trying to say,to think about it then react almost never catches up,but I’m open though,and it’s all good.

Monday, September 9, 2019

I Love Hate Confrontation;But Uncomfortable And Awkward...

Can be a good thing because they break our chains of comfortability ,but for real though, stop opening the door to bs,creating issues then crying about the outcome. This is a bs post feel free to #like #share #comment 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hateful Minds & The Actions Which Hold/Mold Us

A prime example of someone being afraid that you’re going to have just a lil bit more than they do smdh.I wake up say a prayer to bless my day and all those around me that may need it,I will not spend my time soaking about shit that’s out of my control,but I’m just going to say that it’s disappointing,sad,pitiful,disgusting,and shameful how your own background will either kill you,rob you,try to destroy you,take away your happiness,piece of mind,point blank,if your energy is off the charts their tired ass will do anything to pull you down to their level. Hey man;it’s nothing wrong with supporting someone else’s aspirations,that positive energy comes back STUPID!!! This thought arrived from me starting my day to some jealous bs regarding my car being randomly vandalized and I have not a clue in the world why,but that just goes to show you the level of ignorance we are facing nowadays. There is no race nor winner if you’re racing against yourself🤔You won’t steal my energy so...P.L.U.R.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

when You Just..

That time when you just write;write whatever you feel,see or doing that sparked that urge to say what’s on your mind,how you feel and sometimes someone might hear you and connects with your energy,your vibe,reach out,you know;lend a ear maybe some positive feedback(All Valid Comments Needed As Well As Appreciated)✌️💙🤝✊🙏

Monday, July 22, 2019

FYI Head👱‍♂️ , Feet🦶 , Ears👂Health

Something that I think may be helpful,informative. I’ve learned from experience that hot showers are very invigorating and exhilarating,but how many of us hop in and just do a quick run through without hitting up ALL of the key elements of the body🤔 speaking on the inner ears,the head,the feet,now we all are in a rush at times and getting in-depth every single time you shower isn’t an option,but for the most getting those areas has an adverse impact on your health,feelings and energy as well,but don’t just take my word for it..

Energy Of Negative Vibes, Positive Vibes

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Message In A Bottle

🛑 making 💩 #weird,guys ❤️ to get full of #feelings about being told no,or getting unintentionally ignored🤔you probably know that type right🤔& #wtf is going on man;#women #fighting to be like men,#men taking on the role of women,seriously🤨 I’m all about #gender #equality and all that bs,but at the end of the day we were created with #purpose and I feel #blessed to inhabit this universe as I am🙏🏾💯 so fk it,love me or love me. So if you get hop on my wings and let’s elevate to a different dimension. P.S. I love to see #pure #positive #success so.. stay solid though nothing personal #message in a bottle

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Talking Delivery;Grubhub , UberEats, DoorDash,Postmates

Just speaking on some delivery apps feel free to comment

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I’m Reviewing Teami Tea/Detox & Zero Sweat For Hyperhidrosis

Hey all,as I get things that I think may be informative or useful I try to give it as well,so today I’m talking teami tea & zero sweat hyperhidrosis antiperspirant?comments on either of these or questions regarding below.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Purpose;Heal Yourself, Heal The World

No Worries; you’re probably going through a really rough,tough,seemingly complicated,complex,time in your life; some really messed up thing,things going on or happening to you,I’m so psychologist or anything,but as I keep living and going through situations and evaluating or weighing the importance,the time invested/wasted,the outcome of placing too much emphasis on whatever that issue is,sometimes you just have to say fk it and just do; and also take a hard look at the lives of less fortunate, and the alternatives  or flip side of a situation,hey there;know this;life is beautiful, and even if it’s not always something spectacular happening,take that negative energy and bury it in positivity,the universe will always continue feeding it,but don’t take my word for it,see for yourself,you get what you put in so.. I use to view dying as a terrible thing,it’s not dying that’s terrible it’s not achieving anything except taking up space here before I continue on my journey which scares me,life is a awesome thing,not things,embrace your time,embrace your abilities,embrace who you are,embrace your feelings,but don’t embellish them,overthink simple things,common sense is the core one and will take you further than you could imagine,we are all here for a reason,to help someone that needs helping,to love someone that needs loving,a word,a smile,a hug whatever take it all in. Peace,Love,Unity,Respect

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Fathers Day/ I Love You To My Kids

Something simple,which is how we come off,no need for extravagant displays,to be a father is much more than laying down with a female and conceiving a child it’s a love for your kids that could never be measured by paper or baseless displays of giving which fade with time. A Happy Fathers Day to all fathers,& A I love you to my kids 

A Universe, A World, & A Systematic Mentality Broken

In this world we can produce two kinds of character. The show character or the know character. It’s all based on what you have broken down to the have and the have nots,what you’re doing,what you’re able to do,perceptions of,or the illusion of being well off,tangible things and the illusion of..what’s the difference if you carry a bank card or a bunch of cash or racks,bands as some would call it? I don’t own a car but..I don’t have enough cash to purchase real estate but.. someone else is paying all the bills where I stay but.. When I look at my worth by this worlds standards I’m off track asf,but personally I’m an angel of God and my worth is infinite in that sense;this is nonjudgmental but..real shit never gets the credit due but the superficial already knew that,even you had to grow into that mentality just like women over empowerment🤔 and men under achievement🤔 we no longer really need each other right;now it’s the over achievement of same sex on sex and mass confusion of what our purpose is as male or female. Searching for something that doesn’t exist versus working towards something that is realistically obtainable keeps us missing out on the blessings/ things the universe has placed right in front of for the taking. Hate me because I actually accepted things as they are because things happen as they’re meant to. This is bigger than what our little minds  can conceive believe it or not;getting the same energy that you put in,so change your outlook and change your outcome🤔I’m just saying..

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Socially Appetizing: Can I Make This Make Sense?

You love me when I slur my words and talk bad,uneducated,pants hanging off my ass,I never knew what was new really wasn’t, it was that ole plan to keep me stumped,time passes,passing blame on my own transgressions, what was living inside lies fearing freedom of expression or my lessons,feeling less then and scared give in the position we forced in,tables turn then most turn to religion,it’s your own situation so where’s my right to way either way in it ,choices lay two sides even, your bed conscious or otherwise you gotta lay in

Thursday, May 30, 2019

In This Crazy World

Everyone worried about whose the so called greatness when it comes to a bunch of people praising you because you can put together some words to a beat and dance around for the camera,shoot a basketball,run up and down a field crashing into one another etc.,but ultimately who really cares; black people got it wrong thinking that dancing for the media is being real,shooting up a bunch of your own people makes you the shit,talking down on one another for approval and shit,we need to open up the part of our brains that we’ve been conditioned to close off and cross each other out in order to play that game that the real people in control have put in place to keep control over anything that they deem as a threat. There’s power in unity and also in the ability to stand alone when everyone else is distracted by the glitz of life and unaware of the overlay for the underplay. Yes we hate and pass judgment on what we envy or don’t understand. Our people need support,we’ve never had it easy so...but I’ll end this with if you break man made laws your going to get man made consequences;mostly bs ones but nonetheless 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Let It Be Beautiful

My Sunday vibe like deep in thought about how much I love life and the privilege to enjoy another day,it took me a long time to reach a place where people positions and materials can’t effect my mode,knowing where you need to be to grow is priceless,what’s really important and the rest is just dressing so just let it be beautiful aye..🥰🙏🏾🤔

7 Day Weight Loss, Can You Lose Weight In Seven Days

No soda,no junk,no alcohol!!!   Chicken cauliflower spinach brown rice mushroom blend(egg whites optional)Eat this twice a day along with a glass of green tea with lemon and ginseng with 1 minute each(5 minutes total) of these easy effective exercises,running punches,power knee lifts,forward longes,jumping jacks,planks. nothing to eat after 6pm except maybe another glass of green tea or water and record the results👉🏾💪😍 One week,7 days,super simple short term,uncomplicated,get results. Comments like share follow #iamantwanfallenangelflowers

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother is a privilege,blessing and curse at times from what I see,& your job is a difficult one if done right 🤔🤨 so wishing all the #beautiful #special #spectacular moms of the world including you Sarah a #happymothersday 🤰🤱👩‍👧‍👦#mom #mother #love

Thursday, May 2, 2019

John Singleton: Another Angels Spirit Released...

Back to the universe. A very inspirational being,I never knew him personally,but through his works he left a very strong impression on me and I’m sure countless others. I loved Boyz N The Hood,Poetic Justice,Baby Boy, Four Brothers just started watching Snowfall and there’s probably more that I can’t remember right now.His presence here will be greatly missed as well as his contributions to entertainment. In case you didn’t know he was just 51 years of age and cause of death was a massive stroke. As I say all the time health is wealth,take care of yourself and love one another for this short ride here,routine checkups & check your blood pressure. 

May the universe embrace you John

Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Mentality Of Popular Opinion

Stop talking sh** when you don’t get it;ignorance is not being informed,lifestyle,upbringing and lack of influence as well as unity goes hand and hand with chaos and division. If one person disagrees with you it doesn’t matter,but if 100 people do you change your order🤔 I can’t see why your popularity depends on how much disrespect you can throw at your fellow man going back to trying to cast stones because you think you’re in a position to,wake up fool;just because you say things a certain way doesn’t make that bs word,we all fk up,your problems may not be mine,but clearly every thought has a process to it,and according to popular law you good huh;but that was rhetorical,we all trying to impress,scare,buy someone it’s human nature,and seeing someone struggle on any level for whatever reason is dumb sh** 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Greygoose Sh** 3rd Eye Tunnel Vision

hmmm it’s been like a minute since I’ve written in this diary,saying what comes to me,saying what I think might stimulate you mentally,right about now I’m not in a stimulated mentality,fact and fiction all jumbled,I can’t hardly hear it cause it’s all mumbled,greygoose shit,sitting on my third realm,hanging off the edge of the universe seeing things clearer as I focus towards the middle of the earth,learning something means nothing,and everything means something,I see you,you see me,we see us and everything else from all types of angles. We watching each other fall,hell in fact hoping each other fall,fail. Why is laughter dark?why is my accomplishments meaningless and empty?why do I do things that I think will put me in the worlds good graces when I’m only fulfilling my timeline which I’ve been graced with🙏🏾🤔 who here holds that much power to control my emotions,my actions,wtf is it when ordinary people have to power to destroy life at their disposal no questions asked.Idgaf who you are is what I should be yelling from the highest landmark as I look to the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of a higher being which can make sense of it all,while I focus on living,focus on coping,focus on changing,mind,body and soul shit; smoking this cbd to relax cause it’s so called healthy,trying to be healthy in a world filled with toxic crutches clutching,then turning to this adde for mental stimulation,siping on this greygoose shit,yeah;the sense of why spend this brief time trying to reach the impossible when look around you man isn’t it all impossible;purpose,destiny,the ability to dream when most of them never come true and when they do most become nightmares. The more that you make sense the more that people discriminate on and against you.  Everything being everything,everything being nothing,digging deep to feel something,anything that lures me into a false sense of security. The mind is a black hole,feelings come and go,there’s reasons behind everything,nothing is forever, and as this world keeps turning so will people and things and you can either fall in or step out of the line.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Grubhub/Ghettohub/Get Your Sh** Together!!!

Yeah so I recently started driving for the driving delivery service called Grubhub,I’m sure most are familiar with this;so back to the reason for this post,I finally after months of redundant and annoying emails got assigned to the region of my choice,still no gear (delivery bag,hat,T-shirt) which I signed up for in the beginning🤨but that’s okay I can still drive without it anyway.I was on a delivery once and the customer gave the wrong address,okay what am I as a driver supposed to do except deliver to the address in the app right🤷🏾‍♂️ well I get to the address and it turns out it’s not where the customer is,now my first step is to call/text the customer,then I contacted driver support for help,but I was extremely disappointed with the disrespectful tone and attitude in regards to trying to solve the issue and get the customer their order.These people they are hiring don’t see to be very knowledgeable or the app needs serious improvement because I would think that my location would be apparent to support to prevent any confusion as to my whereabouts during a delivery,I mean I would think anyways. FYI Grubhub drivers are assets,that’s how your deliveries get from point A to point B🤔 & I am not 100% sure but I think that you have to call support just to cancel a delivery that you’re unable to take which like I said their driver support sucks ass,they’re very unprofessional and ghetto from what I’ve seen so far. I’ve delivered on most of the major delivery services the reviews are not so great from the restaurants to the customers and also drivers,but I hope that you prove them wrong. I truly hope that this improves

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Mental Chains,The Destruction Of..Pride Isn’t Hate

When it comes to the universe it should be about preservation and not extinction.I’ve never been #prejudice,but a different perspective #blacks are under full #attack and #racism is in full swing, the objective or agenda is #real and we need to stop #killing,#hurting each other and #protect like every other race quit falling for the lynch mentality #PLUR🤔#nolove #Blackisbeautiful #wtf is funny,because it’s sad🤨😠😔 #useyourbrain🤔 #openyoureyes👀 man;briefly touching on #Empire #JussieSmollett,kinda reminds me of back when NWA said fk the police.To whom it may concern,If your #agenda is #hurt and #destruction I cannot agree with that and I live by #PLUR, but not by compromising my #pride character,morals or dignity. Loving who you are isn’t racist it’s acknowledging that you’re special love has infinite power and creates infinite possibilities 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Know Yourself & Learning How To Love

Empty words are quite often spoken with the intent to appeal,impress,lure.Life,love and the idea of finding happiness,you must first know yourself in order to truly connect with someone else,embracing our universe,accepting fate and the infinite possibilities🤔🤔🤔     ✌🏾Peace 💙Love 🤝Unity ✊🏾Respect🙏🏾

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What You Got To Be Mad About ?!?!

Hey I can’t help it that you have no light in your life,for some reason you see everything in a fkd up manner,your self esteem is garbage and you want everything and everyone around you to feel the same way. It’s sad that,wait no it’s pathetic that your mentality is to lash out at good people with positive attitudes trying to add wealth to our universe instead of the weak bs that you contribute. Pain is universal;so is love. The easiest thing that I’ve ever done is to hate and to make excuses for my negative behavior🤔God grant me the serenity to accept you and then the will to stay focused on appreciating,adding,and living in your spectacular universe 🙏🏾

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Valentines Day Tribute😘

Something like special,damn she’s so fn nontraditional sexy,and I’m not just talking looks,everything about you just makes me wish I could jump inside of you and live in your beautiful aura🥰  sending love and a Happy Valentines Day to all you beautiful women of the world 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Posting Affiliate Links To Facebook

Today I found myself stuck after trying to add a specific link to my Facebook post,the message that I received was that it broke Facebook community guidelines so it was blocked,couldn’t see why,it wasn’t spam. So I did a little researching and ran across a site that alters the content of the link that you’re trying to post so that it’s presentable for Facebook and long story short my post is now up. Check out and be sure to comment,like,share if it was helpful to you as well

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Going Through, Understanding, Perseverance, Those Hard Times

I woke up this morning and from the start felt some kind of way ,one mishap after another,man my luck couldn’t be this bad,mind thrown I proceeded to make mistakes that I would never normally make,now I’m in a place where the anger and frustration become thoughts of transferred energy,what would my next move be,I chose to turn that bs into a positive,it could always be worse and some people are really going through things that are definitely that so... think about it 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Facebook Desktop Website Login?

I thought this would be helpful seeing as how I tend to need this link when logging in to Facebook on my cellphone,you willing automatically get the mobile version,but sometimes you can’t see or access everything on the mobile version right,so follow this link you can bookmark this for easy access in the future and don’t forget to hit that follow button for blog updates and chances to win free giveaway prizes as well,also #follow #like #comment #share on my other endeavors on #Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram under #iamantwanfallenangelflowers or antwanfallenangel all of my site pages are available on this blog as well. Thanks for stopping by🙏🏾 and as always peace,love,unity and respect