Friday, September 13, 2019

Like Apple Pies Vanilla Ice Cream And Sunrises..

Why would I tell you that when it’s probably going to put me in a place of vulnerability,somewhat at a disadvantage emotionally,idk why you keep thinking that the words that I’m saying have meaning;I’m meaning personally,I’m impersonal when it comes to making better decisions,regardless of the outcome,especially in your favor,when you’re not my favorite person,but few are, thoughts get deeper when I sleep nowadays because my mind is forever going,elevation,I say shit like you elevate when you start to see things in a broader mindset,enlightenment is everywhere,I be trying to keep it short,but most of the time a minute is just not long enough,to connect,communicate,clearly say what I’m trying to say,to think about it then react almost never catches up,but I’m open though,and it’s all good.

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