Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hateful Minds & The Actions Which Hold/Mold Us

A prime example of someone being afraid that you’re going to have just a lil bit more than they do smdh.I wake up say a prayer to bless my day and all those around me that may need it,I will not spend my time soaking about shit that’s out of my control,but I’m just going to say that it’s disappointing,sad,pitiful,disgusting,and shameful how your own background will either kill you,rob you,try to destroy you,take away your happiness,piece of mind,point blank,if your energy is off the charts their tired ass will do anything to pull you down to their level. Hey man;it’s nothing wrong with supporting someone else’s aspirations,that positive energy comes back STUPID!!! This thought arrived from me starting my day to some jealous bs regarding my car being randomly vandalized and I have not a clue in the world why,but that just goes to show you the level of ignorance we are facing nowadays. There is no race nor winner if you’re racing against yourself🤔You won’t steal my energy so...P.L.U.R.

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