Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Parental Position,Parenting In Today's Society

Parenting in today's world is to me like trying to loose weight,damn hard. Ok so another situation has come across my path which compelled me to write this. It has become increasingly difficult for me and my fellow parents to raise children in today's society/world with all the outside interference,influence, and a world wide abundance of  information. The task of teaching our kids our way is clouded by the notion that we're very limited in the methods that we are allowed to use,the fear that we're being to stern & what has been so called the better way.I will admit that my urge to be a better parent than mine were haunts me everyday,but is it really better? The feelings of being trapped.. but understand I'm only trapped once I've  accepted that there's nothing that I can do. The number one thing that can dismantle your efforts to groom your child is negative outside interference,whether it be parents,relatives or any other influential interference. A child's  needs to know their place is just that. It's impossible to govern someone else's family from an outside position,each structure is different which kind of makes it hard to impose the same outlook collectively. If it's not hard enough trying to instill some since of morals,guidance,discipline into my child I could do without all of the misguided attempts at helping. Oh yes,we will often think that bs idea that we are doing so much better than that next person but who's own perspective of what they're doing has been critical?sure maybe a few, but overall...everyone else's opinion will probably be slightly if not totally different. For the ones that come around for the good or easy times try being there when thing get rough,witness first hand and then and then only will what you have to contribute become significant. Structure is very important today in a world where it's not how  much you make sense or how right you are,but how popular you are,and that in itself is a very dangerous sentiment.    

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can’t Plan It All-The Unpredictable

Whatever happens happens, I believe that people come into our lives for many different reasons & we either accept things for what they are,constantly try analyzing every little thing,or try to create some theatrical play of our lives,everything can’t be explained,will not always fit into a pretty little picture frame