Friday, April 17, 2020

Keep Your Head Up

Things that are meant to be will be,pay attention to the signs,see the beauty/positive in it all,love your good moments,but embrace and strategically alter the bad ones to work for you and not against you. My ultimate goal in life is to be happy and healthy ,not any of the traditional self centered ambitions,just happy and healthy,and anything else that I’m meant to have will come and nothing can stop that except self sabotage

You Need You

(People get off on seeing you fail,exposing/exploiting your flaws and weaknesses so..) All I’m saying in this one is;we tend to think or feel that we need that something or someone then that notion becomes codependency when in reality you are your own person,capable of doing and making it on your own. I’m not saying that getting assistance,or things placed in our path to help us along the way is a bad thing,but If for a minute we’d just focus on who we are,what we have done o offer the world,what we want,and a plan to achieve our goals then imagine the possibilities though

Friday, April 3, 2020

A Virus, A Belief,Trust, Truth, A Cure

Shit man,we are collectively a never ending virus,but once it’s on paper everyone starts to panic.Getting caught up in numbers,predictions,assumptions, depending on someone that is as vulnerable mistakes and bad decisions as we are. Can you clearly see that man is limited by their own ambitions,feelings,bias and wants. Grace and mercy from our savior in my opinion the only thing that we really need right now, and oh yeah common sense.Peace (amongst each other) Love (instead of hate) Unity (in our most trying times) Respect(for this land that was loaned to us and everyone,everything that inhabits it)but I’m really not saying anything