Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Just Do It

I mean if you don’t mean it don’t waste your time saying it,think,before you put that bs out there,what are the chances that you are going to follow through. Creating unrealistic expectations,more negative energy into the world. If you feel compelled to put big things out into the universe then put forth effort to stand on that.

Say Less, Say More

Sometimes the less that you say the better.We can get the idea that a bunch of talking will fix a situation,sway a thought,change an outcome,and who knows,possibly sometimes,but knowing when to hold your tongue.. when to say when,so a million dollar question,when is it best to say less,enough is enough,but when exactly is that though?

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Be Real

If you know where I’m coming from you understand,man don’t do me,don’t sell me the bs,talking smarter than that,talking while you focused on self satisfaction I’m peeping the bs,so be real or don’t be anything at all honestly