Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Long Time..Break, A Focal Point

Sometimes I be getting lazy as hell,I took this week off to focus up,read a little,drink a little,eat some unhealthy bs food,and get my mode up,let me tell you it’s okay.You ever had a thought;a thought that things have gotten weird,out of line,out of control,sometimes I feel like I’m floating on marshmallows,shit man you can’t buy this feeling,hey where you at when consciousness trying to connect,I can admit that sometimes I fall asleep when you’re dead set on me seeing things your way,but I’m there,lol complete yet complicated,I remember when some of that bs that you use to kick to me made sense or was it just my infatuation,admiration clouding my judgement,upside down,right side up,im just looking for something solid,something transparent,let’s talk about it if it’ll make things happen,what does it mean if I tell you who I am if it just a coverup,if ts not good enough,but crazy as shit it I’m all wrapped up in it,this life thing,I’m in deep now,invested,so I’m trying to figure out how not to waste this shit for real.Comment,hit me up whatever 

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