Saturday, June 22, 2019

Purpose;Heal Yourself, Heal The World

No Worries; you’re probably going through a really rough,tough,seemingly complicated,complex,time in your life; some really messed up thing,things going on or happening to you,I’m so psychologist or anything,but as I keep living and going through situations and evaluating or weighing the importance,the time invested/wasted,the outcome of placing too much emphasis on whatever that issue is,sometimes you just have to say fk it and just do; and also take a hard look at the lives of less fortunate, and the alternatives  or flip side of a situation,hey there;know this;life is beautiful, and even if it’s not always something spectacular happening,take that negative energy and bury it in positivity,the universe will always continue feeding it,but don’t take my word for it,see for yourself,you get what you put in so.. I use to view dying as a terrible thing,it’s not dying that’s terrible it’s not achieving anything except taking up space here before I continue on my journey which scares me,life is a awesome thing,not things,embrace your time,embrace your abilities,embrace who you are,embrace your feelings,but don’t embellish them,overthink simple things,common sense is the core one and will take you further than you could imagine,we are all here for a reason,to help someone that needs helping,to love someone that needs loving,a word,a smile,a hug whatever take it all in. Peace,Love,Unity,Respect

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Nancy Payette said...

That's a great post. You have a really good perspective. Life can be hard sometimes but it helps when we can laugh at ourselves & the sometimes dumb situations that come along. We get the best view when we are looking down from a mountain top but we can never appreciate it until we have walked through the valleys. Sending peace, respect & good vibes your way.