Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Women, Chicks, Dames, Broads,Ladies Be Like...

Look I gotta say this even though some things should just be self explanatory though. This is the age of impersonal everything,shits just moving so fast that it’s hard to personalize anything anymore. I’m specifically speaking on relationships and relationship goals right now though,and usually what you see is what you get,I’m saying for real when you hoping or shooting for 100 you end up at 50 type of shit. We all “know our worth” but what is that shit to the next person?and don’t say that it doesn’t matter because your ass single and looking for a reason,so all that fluff that you’re good,yeah keep convincing yourself that. Everything worth anything takes work even good relationships which most of the time need building and sometimes from the ground up you feel me. This not scientific,nor am I claiming to know it all but stop with all the extra woman power,equality bs,anything that needs to be constantly repeated is always suspect in my book. You have to be willing to actually be open to All possibilities to get results,but not surrendering to the usual cliches and superficial bs which mostly only results in bitterness towards something different in your future attempts at being happy and successful at finding someone/something special.

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