Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Profanely Profound

  • You want answers,you want everything to make sense,give and take in theory,but mistaken in action,what’s wrong with understanding financial matters at a young age,giving the tools for a successful life,a prosperous you,a plan,a place where the act of teaching one that actions have consequences,moral which succeeds the bare minimum which seems to be the new normal,what defines profound, things which make us say hmm,ooh,ahh,can substance be so shallow,the truth of the matter is we should all want to be remembered for something,exist for more than breathing,yet flocking to the same ole shit and claiming originality is original. When I say”more than words”what does it mean,I’ll tell you something,it’s easy to claim better until worse claims you,if you’re looking in though,look closer,see the raw unedited,undressed real,until your eyes are stripped of their delusional cataracts all you see is what you want to see,but if everything in your body is connected to your brain should everything in your life be the same

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