Thursday, June 11, 2020

A Stepping Out Of The Line FYI Moment

We are always thinking,wanting,hoping that the world is fixated on us. First off I love all my readers, but I’d like to see more participants in my giveaways,more comments,suggestive thoughts,likes,shares as well as subscribers to the blog. Now back to the regular scheduled program, for all those who get what I’m saying kudos to you,but for all the rest I wanna clarity some points of what stepping out of the line is about. My goal of this blog is ultimately suggestive thinking,about sharing opinions, and helpful information on almost any subject,issue or topic across the board,each one teaching another,conversation,communication and connection. In parting I wanna say that a lot of the shit I post isn’t personal,rather my thoughts on things I’ve seen,heard and yes sometimes been through,but for the purpose of giving/receiving insight,support,or even just a relative point of view. I’m grateful for all the personal contacts I’ve acquired from the stepping out of the lines Promoting Positivity support group endeavor,even though the chat hasn’t caught on yet,so feel free to join that for a shoulder to lean on,insight on difficult issues,and sometimes just talking about something helps us cope better,but hope to see more personal contacts as well as chat group  participants in the future. Peace Love Unity Respect 

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