Friday, June 5, 2015

I know sometimes it's difficult to do but..

You have to live within your means! I know it can be hard to do with the desire to have all the things that we see others have,the constant feeling of wanting stuff..and I call it stuff because if you notice a little while after that next big I have to have that moment once that need,want,desire has been met the thrill is gone also,maybe not instantaneous all the time,but somewhere shortly after it's doesn't seem so important anymore. Making sound choices is a phrase often used and easily overlooked and I'll tell you why.. It actually goes back to that programmed statement,we want to feel this way or fit in or even this is what everyone else is doing,wearing,where everyone else is going,actually thinking of consequences before purchasing and weighing needs versus wants helps,"playing broke" is one sure way to keep that cash inside your pocket. If I tell/convinced myself that I don't have it then how can I spend what I don't have? It's easy to say save your money and play it smart with your money,but truthfully is all up to the individual to ultimately make that happen..but if you're tired of being broke but stuck with world full of materialistic and often worthless junk,that feeling of why did I just do that when I knew that I really didn't need to,then maybe,just maybe it's time to take control and adjust this situation.

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