Friday, March 30, 2018

To My Audience..

I know sometime she gets redundant you know, maybe like a broken record, but I had to say this, say that anytime you hear me talking, the tone of my words, the things I’m talking about are not always about me!,because some of you read this stuff, and get on your philosophical kicks about it,come trying to dissect this shit I’m talking,im me on some off base stuff,getting sympathetic or feeling some type of way when there’s no need,don’t;it’s pointless,at least if it’s out of context anyways;yeah sometimes certain matters will take a little common sense,you know,reading between the line,just hit me up and ask if you’re curious;I talk about communication nothings gonna change about that.🤲🏾each 1 teach 1🤲🏾

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