Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Respect; Giving It To Get It

  • Ok so I want to touch on the word respect;so many times I’ve heard the words you have to give it to get it. Too many instances I’ve seen regarding this matter,flipping off at the mouth,bruised egos,not enough mental capacity to understand the dynamics of a situation. Now some things should be self explanatory,but again if common sense is lacking well.. I’ve always made it a bet to give respect until I’m disrespected,and even then I’ll handle those situations with tact,there’s a sensible way of doing everything,it’s whether you choose to or not. My elders automatically get respect even the shitty ones just a different aspect of,my parents also,I honor that shit. Today we tend to get weakness mixed up in the definition of respect,consider me weak if you want to,just don’t get it wrong if you catch my drift. There are plenty of people that have dug their way from the trenches,put in work,fought so that my path was clearer,and made great achievements which spark my and many others motivation so it doesn’t take a genius to get that that deserves some level of respect regardless. Get it? I hope so,respect✌🏾

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