Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Good Thing

Sometimes saying nothing is a good thing,sometimes just listening is a good thing,sometimes distance is a good thing,sometimes being by yourself is a good thing,sometimes time to think is a good thing,sometimes reading is a good thing, sometimes knowledge is a good thing,sometimes an open mind is a good thing,sometimes opinions are a good thing,sometimes feeling is a good thing,whether good or bad feelings are a good thing, sometimes looking over your shoulder is a good thing,because everyone isn’t always on a good thing,sometimes people say a good thing,but do the total opposite of a good thing,some will try to take away a good thing,but never change what defines you is a good thing,exploring yourself is a good thing,knowing yourself is a good thing,changing to adjust to life is a good thing,thinking that you know everything is a good thing,finding out that you don’t is a good thing,sometimes drugs are a good thing,alcohol is a good thing,being abstinent* is a good thing,sexual exploration is a good thing,anger is a good thing,pain is a good thing,peace is a good thing,love is a good thing,unity is a good thing,respect is a good thing,what is a life if you’re not living to figure it out.Finding yourself is a good thing ,loving yourself,embracing yourself then giving that positive energy to someone else is a good thing.

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