Saturday, April 18, 2015

Social Issues ll

At one point I was informed with this statement; I applaud you ,but you're going to loose/you're in a loosing battle..and what this was pertaining to was instilling the basic fundamentals and values in my kids,now how we got to this area of conversation was when I started to share some things that were bothering me like the open access of iPads in their don't get me wrong I can appreciate technology,but Ive watched it first hand how this can be damaging along with any positive points about that situation. Some would have to agree that electronic devices have stunted the mental growth of most who use them especially children and youth,always walking around with something to talk,text,play some type of game or etc. on. The ability to function in society as well as on a personal level has diminished greatly at the hands of technology. Social,but poor social skills. Advancing is good,but without the basics there wouldn't be anything to advance to.Basic math,reading,writing,spelling,communication,parenting,interaction.Why would you text me from the next room or even standing next to me? has anyone noticed the lack of ability to cope with the simplest things today? the lack of the ability to hold an intellectual conversation?the lack of the ability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time?. The overall inability to interact with people.Virtual reality has taken the place of real human contact and communication.. a proven fact is that when you tell the mind something over and over again practical or not,you can believe anything,but the issue with that is that at some point you have to come back to reality which unfortunately sometimes fall apart due to neglect.You ever wonder how many people do sh** just because they see somebody else doing it?how many envious issues arise,how many jealous thoughts come about?which in turn makes it that much harder to sustain good relationships and family structure

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