Monday, April 13, 2015

Personal Vendetta

I don’t normally tend to air my grievances online or get too personal but I got some shit that I need to get up off of my chest,but before I do I think that I should put it in mind that there is only probably 10% of people who actually have the balls to really speak their minds,leaving everyone else to hold it in until they snap off and go on some type of killing spree or something stupid shit like that.My intentions with this is just to state how I feel which I think falls u…nder Freedom Of Speech.So that being said I don’t get what the fuck people be thinking when they make the choice to alter and play with peoples livelihood on some I am disappointed with the dickheads in the HR department on the decision that I was a trouble maker???WTF…at #sargento so their solution was to get rid of me right before the chance to get hired. Now this is the point,I know life isn’t fair and as realistic as that is I’m a man and I can handle that,but still bullshit is bullshit and that insecure,atrocious,putrid creature that threw those fallacious ass allegations my way can kiss my black ass and go find the tallest ledge & take a leap also! some people REALLY need to GET REAL and get over theirselves because my only motive at that job was to do my job and make money which is what I’m all about. When we approach people based on our assumptions or presumptions we have no clue of that persons background not do conglomerates ever take the time or effort to do so before passing judgement. You actually have no clue where I’ve come from and quite honestly wouldn’t want that side of me to rear its ugly head and quite frankly neither would I,(figuratively/metaphorically speaking!) no one likes to stare down the barrel of that steel as someone takes what they’ve worked so hard to acquire or accomplish?,or wants to see the unemployment rate rise,so when you have someone trying hard to live legitimately keep that shit in mind. Kids play with toys & bitches love dramatic bullshit,fake ass individuals are cowards smiling in someone’s face then shafting them when the opportunity presents itself. So I guess this goes back to the life isn’t fair statement,you bust your ass,show respect,restraint,determination & diligence for these people & in return they kick you & your hard work etc. out the door.. I guess if I were the opposite then then I’d probably still have a place there.We ALL have choices and the opportunity to make good decisions and ignorant ones with spiteful motives tend to come full circle (meaning what goes around comes back around)

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