Monday, April 13, 2015

I Know..

Remembering the times,times of struggle,times of grief,times of hardship,times of pain,things that cannot be changed,things that the normal person could not even begin to phantom,looking thru the rear view window of my mind and trying to place everything into its proper order,to make sense of it all,kind of like climbing the toughest cliff and trying not to fall,often riddled with notions of giving up,but letting go would be the easy way out,don’t you think?yes,it can get hard,harder for some than others,but that thing called choice,will I let life get the best of me?or grab ahold,place adversity beneath my feet and not over my head,negative to positive,keep moving forward,remembering good or bad,the past ,which is who I am,but never dwelling there,after all your past is just that,yet still I remember

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