Saturday, April 11, 2015

Social Netjerk

1) If your hands and or eyes are constantly glued to your your laptop or desktop-2)If you spend more time staring at photos,liking everyones status,poking,tweeting etc. than focusing on yourself -3)If you don't have sexual relations ,or any other contact with your significant other-4)If your entire friend base is based online-5)If you cant take a crap without your laptop-6)If your computer comes before your children and family-7)If you happen to spend more hours on your computer or laptop than at work(and don't get a paycheck for it)-8)If your laptop is the first thing that you grab in the morning to find out what you missed just last night online when you logged off-9)If you go to sleep at night dreaming about the next time that you can access those accounts and check out what you may have missed only hours ago while you were sleeping-10)If you can't go a day without that device,and instead of making an appearance you'd rather email,message,text message or put your conversation or thoughts on a wall,board or other

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