Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sex Appeal

Pull that g string to the side baby can I take a glance? This isn't romance,well maybe a little,if touching your body in all the right ways,a little caressing, a little kissing,dare I say I want a hug after we've fucked,but let me slow it down because I'm getting ahead of myself. A quick mind fuck,but never mind games,I know you've been approached by many lames,many suckers by many names,but not here babe,no babe that's not me,cruel intentions,well maybe some,but my some is to leave your body numb,hurt so good,it's possible,the possibilities are endless,love limitless,sexual assault with your sexual consent you feel me,and that's exactly what I want you to do,feel me,the real me,the realness as I give you the business,every stroke,thrust penetrates deeper as shit gets deeper,this isn't child's play,none of that bunny rabbit shit here,you hear me knocking?well let me inside,not just one door,I plan to come from every entry,mouth,p**** and ass,don't laugh.. things that make you think,so how about that drink?,how about we get real?,some grown an sexy shit,flix and how about it?