Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Art Of Internet,The Era Of The Viral Video

I'm just sitting here bored playing on my iPhone social media surfing,watching all these posts ,these videos and I have to say that it has become a major issue, a flood of goofy ass individuals thinking that because you have a smart phone it's time to upload a video of themselves sharing their philosophical gibberish,their sick sense of humor,violence,sexual innuendos etc. in hopes to get their likes,notoriety of whatever.Now don't get me wrong,some things tend to make a lot of sense,but there's way more ignorance and bs due to the ease of access and the desire to become the next viral sensation.Today everyone wants to be a damn video/internet sensation,a damn voice of the people.. I say this to only open eyes,not everyone is a leader but anyone can pull out a smart device and record some shit upload it and get views,so when you're liking shit you see online might be a good thing to not just go off the sediment that "oh that which was just said,done really appeals to me or sounds good so I'll like or share this. The internet is just that,the internet.. you can pretty much say/do anything and the ignorance of others will take it from there. 

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